Chahatt Khanna Accuses Farhan Mirza Of Abusing Her For Years And Reveals Dreadful Details

Bindhiya Nhi |Nov 18, 2018

Chahhat Khanna revealed every shocking details of her marriage with Farhan Mirza: From sexual and mental abuse to accused of prostitution and love affair.

Chahatt Khanna has made an announcement about her divorce from her husband Farhan Mirza. Since the incident, her marriage life has become one of the most clicked topic. Chahatt had shocked everyone by revealing the truth that Farhan had abused her for years. In a recent interview, she stood up to share more dreadful details about how Farhan treated her roughly. Farhan had been trying not to end up this marriage, yet Chahatt had made up her mind. Below were the dramatic stories of her life with Farhan that she wanted everyone to know.


It Was Not Only Sexual Abuse

Chahatt Khanna confessed that she had to suffer from many kinds of abuse. Farhan had abused her sexually, and even financially and mentally. Living in such a harsh condition made Chahatt felt crazy. Moreover, Farhan even accused her of relating to prostitution. Her husband did not believe in her dignity. He thought that she was in love with another actor.


Did Not Have Sympathy For Her Job

In addition, Chahatt told everyone that Farhan would make a sudden appearance on her film sets. The reason was that he wanted to keep an eye on her. The "Qubool Hai" actress said that he did not even have a piece of sympathy. Farhan even acted violently due to a simple housewarming invitation from one of Chahatt's friends. He believed that she was having a love affair with him.


Had To Plead Him For A Doctor Checked-Up

Chahatt, in a statement, shared another story. There was one time that she did not feel well. Her breasts felt painful and she needed to go to the hospital. However, Farhand did not accept that. Later, he wanted Chahatt to get advice from the family doctor. The doctor advised her to do a professional check-up to make sure about her health. Once again, her husband did not even care and he refused the doctor's words. In the end, Chahatt had to plead him to take her to the hospital because she felt too painful.


Enough With The Marriage Life

Her ex-husband was Bharat Narsignhani, and this time was Farhan Mirza. However, both of the cases ended up with a divorce. Chahatt revealed that Farhan did not want to let her go easily. He did not want a divorce, but Chahatt had made up her mind. Due to the dramatic experiences, Chahatt also lost her faith in marriage. At this point, she felt enough with the love life and did not want to get married once again.

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