6 Efficient Questions To Help You Make A More Accurate Divorce Decision

Ananya Trang |Oct 31, 2019

Answering six following questions will help you not only know whether you should divorce or not but also raise your awareness about your married life objectively.

It is incredibly essential to observe the whole picture of your marriage life that you tend to end it. According to Dr. Annie Hsueh, a clinical psychologist, people choose to end a relationship to dream about happiness in their next marriage. However, they tend to find the same issues in their subsequent rapport. The problem comes by themselves, and divorce will not surely solve most of their concerns.


Honestly, if you are in danger, it is not worth hesitating to divorce or not. On the contrary, if you are safe and likely to consider ending your relationship, please trying to do something, think carefully to make the right decision.

Some suggested questions will be helpful for you before getting a divorce.

1. Is there any option to avoid the existing problem?


If you feel exhausted and tired with your partner and marriage, maybe the last choice you think is divorce. However, you should ask yourself if it is the perfect way to consider the momentous decision in your life.

Kari H. Lichtenstein, a divorce lawyer, shares that divorce is a difficult decision, but its process is not also easy to do. You should try your best to protect your marriage if possible and be a smart person in any situation not to have to regret later on.

2. Are you ready about finance for a divorce process?

Like getting married, divorce also affects your finance, that you certainly have to handle almost of related costs. Lichtenstein says that preparing for a complicated divorce process is not only a psychological and emotional side but also the financial side.

More importantly, you have to make sure about full of family finance knowledge as well as associated financial documents.

3. Do you understand a divorce’s steps?


Before getting a divorce, you should precisely know what will happen to be sure that everything will occur smoothly. Melissa Fecak, a mediator and divorce attorney, recommends that you can tell someone how to divorce to have a discussion and right decision that will be the best for your family.

If you and your partner don’t get ready to have a serious talk with your lawyer, all both should find a divorce coach who will consult the necessary things prepared carefully.

4. What are your expectations?

According to Fecak, although a person decides to get divorced, he/she doesn’t often think about the future life after ending the relationship. Like Fecak’s sharing, many clients come to talk with their issues and wish about divorce. Still, when being asked about their plans like accommodation, family expenses, or parenting time, they didn’t know and hadn’t even thought about them.

Therefore, having some advice is to consider your solutions seriously and precisely have specific strategies for reaching your goals.

5. What will you want your ideal rapport to look like?


If you spend much time for getting a divorce, why don’t you take your time to more think about your partner? There are lots of reasons to break up, but the big reason is that both of them cannot communicate with each other anymore.

So why do you try to discover a new fact for all both and each people? Thanks to it, you can have a chance to create more exciting things from your current relationship.

6. Where do your problems come from?

While you are trying to show many issues in your marriage, have you ever asked yourself why you have those problems. It looks like a simple question, but it is difficult to answer. Lisa Concepcion, a love life consultant, says that the moment you can find the cause of your problems, it will give you more positive solutions to fix your rapport.


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