TV Actress Chahatt Khanna Allegedly Attacked By 14 Men On Road

Kanchana Ngan |Mar 25, 2019

Chahatt Khanna just had a nerve-wracking experience when being attacked by 14 men on the street, 4 getting physical. She narrates the incident with SpotboyE.

S V Road, Malad just observed a shocking incident on Friday evening, March 22. TV actress Chahatt Khanna, gaining recognition with the role of Ayesha in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain the movie, was attacked by 14 drunk men, 4 of whom even got violent and excessively aggressive. There were maid, staff, driver and also her two babies on the car at that time.

Chahatt Khanna
TV actress Chahatt Khanna with her kids were attacked by 14 drunk men last Friday.

The actress told SpotboyE that when they were travelling peacefully, a car suddenly hit their back, throwing all people inside forward. Looking back, she realised they were surrounded by a group of miscreants, six getting down from the car, eight riding motorbikes on both sides, 14 men in total. Unfortunately, they recognised her, which "aggravated their aggression" and made the situation even worse, she narrated. Shouting, banging the door, hitting the car, they didn't give even a minute for victims to recover from the shock.

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Source: Hindustan Times

Soon, there was a crowd gathering a few meters away, but most of them acted nothing and just observed the hooliganism. Luckily, some "Muslim uncles" did come forward, yet still could not help much besides guiding her to escape as soon as possible as they were trying to block those gangsters. However, the driver was scared to death at that time and not be able even to move the car forward. He was later forced to get down the car and beaten by the men. Those miscreants also smashed the car's glasses, making a horrible noise and causing her kids to cry hard. So wild was the drunk that they even climbed on the bonnet, started singing and dancing up there!

Chahatt Khanna 2
The scene was so chaotic that her children couldn't help crying hard.

Chahatt Khanna had to yell at the driver until he could gain back some consciousness and courage to drive them out of the mess. But it's not the end! Fourteen men kept chasing them, then once again blocked the car, banged the door and smashed the glasses. Fortunately, she saw the Muslim uncles still following, which gave her bravery to make a decision. The actress told her driver to take it ahead, no matter it could hit any of the drunkards or not. "Self-defence toh karna hi tha, there was no other option," said she.

The nightmare continued as 4 of them got physical, Chahatt chose to get down the car and confront the situation. "I had no other option," she shared. The actress threatened them with her chappals, which unfortunately drove them crazier and more violent. Foreseeing the worst result, she hurriedly called the local MLA, but the police managed to arrive right at that moment. She didn't dare to imagine if they had been 5 minutes later, what would have happened to them. Fortunately, the police arrived in time and arrested the miscreants.

Chahatt Khanna then sent the most sincere gratitude and appreciation to the brave police and efficient security system of the country.


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