Johnny Depp Called Leo DiCaprio 'Pumpkin Head', Accusing Every Amber Heard's Co-Star Of Affairs

Hanima Anand |Jul 21, 2020

The high court hearings of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard always attract huge attention from the public. In the latest one, Johnny Depp was reported to coin Amber Heard’s co-stars with very weird names.

Since the beginning of July, fans are made jaw-dropped due to shocking revelations of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp about each other while the couple attend high court sessions. In the latest hearing, besides the sharing from Amber Heard that Johnny had threatened to kill her a lot of times, people are also taken aback with Depp’s creativity in naming Amber Heard’s co-stars.

Amber Heard 1
Amber Heard is among the most attractive Hollywood actresses.

According to reports, Johnny Depp was very jealous of both male and female co-stars of Amber Heard because he considered them the threats to his marriage with the beautiful actress. Surprisingly, Johnny had a list of nicknames he used to call these people.

Johnny Depp called Leonardo DiCaprio ‘pumpkin head’

The very first Hollywood actor that falls in Johnny Depp’s blacklist is Leo DiCaprio. Johnny coined him the name ‘pumpkin head’ to insult the co-star of his wife after suspecting Leo and Amber had an affair with each other. In fact, the two just had a common audition before that; there’s no record or even rumor about their extramarital relationship then.

Johnny Depp And Leo Dicaprio
Leo DiCaprio (left) and Johnny Depp (young photos)

Amber Heard shared that whenever she did a movie, she had to justify to Johnny why she took the offer. Things became worse if she had any kissing or intimate scene. He would tell her he knew she was having an affair and he took her phone.

Not just Leo was dragged into this derogatory game, Channing Tatum and Jim Sturgess were also involved with their nicknames as ‘potato-head’ and ‘turd’ relatively.

Amber Heard And Jim Sturgess
Any intimate scene of Amber Heard with co-star can drive Johnny mad.

Channing Tatum co-starred with Amber Heard in the 2015 movie Magic Mike XXL by Gregory Jacobs. However, the two didn’t have any scandal during or after the film shooting. They had few scenes together as Amber Heard was not among lead roles in the movie. Johnny Depp always believed that the two had something with each other though.

Jim Sturgess, on the other hand, played important roles along with Amber Heard in London Fields in 2018. Though the duo had more scenes with each other in this film, there’s no report about any wrongdoings of the two.

Amber Heard And Channing Tatum
Amber Heard and Channing Tatum in a promoting event for their movie.

Other revelations in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard high court session

Besides the ugly truth about the names Johnny Depp used to call some male actors, there are other allegations against this Hollywood star in the latest high court hearing today.

Amber Heard revealed that she was often threatened by Johnny Depp, who said he would ‘carve’ her face up if she dared to leave him. He even told her that he would get some black brothers to attack her, making her scared all the time living with him. Amber also revealed that Depp used to tell her ‘the only way out of this [relationship] is death.’

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard
The couple used to be admired for their romance in Hollywood.

Johnny Depp is portrayed as an unreasonably jealous person who imagined Amber slept with co-stars in movie after movie. Eddie Redmayne, who worked with Amber in The Danish Girl, and Liam Hemsworth, co-starring with her in Paranoia, are also on Depp’s suspected list.

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