10 Bollywood Actress Who Slept With Directors For Roles

Salena Harshini |Feb 20, 2020

These are the Bollywood actresses who are rumored to have slept with directors, and the truth behind some of these cases still remains a mystery to the netizen.

Ever heard of casting couch? It is a definition hailed from the film industry, which means sexual demand person for occupation entry or other career advancements made by a person of higher authority and power or an apprentice.  In detail, it refers to sexual intercourse between film producers or casting directors and aspiring actors. In the biggest Indian film industry, some are rumored to be among the Bollywood actress who slept with directors for roles.

Some can't escape the casting couch on the way to stardom.

It isn’t a cakewalk to get an entry into B-town, especially for females. Everyone has to undergo some tough times before actually venturing into the industry and some have chosen “First Sex, Film Next” to be their crosscut. On another hand, there are some cases where male actors also get involved in the casting couch and you will be astonished to find out who.

Bollywood Actress Who Slept With Directors

As individuals in the middle, we have rounded off a number of Bollywood actresses who are rumored to sleep with their producers and directors to get big movies. But, not every aspiring actress and actor has agreed with the sexual advances made by their filmmakers.

The list includes names of rumored actress slept with directors for role, not confirming the fact. Several names in this list affirmed that they were offered a casting couch but refused it.

1. Sherlyn Chopra

Starlets have turned away from accepting sexual demand from filmmakers and some have avoided speaking of the same. Meanwhile, we have model-actress Sherlyn Chopra who bore it all out that she had sexual intercourse with a producer in order to get a big movie project.

Sherlyn Chopra admitted being among the Bollywood actress who slept with directors.

Previously, the smoking hot Sherlyn Chopra had an interview where she shared what dinner means in Bollywood. This gives outsiders a look into the dark side of the glamorous film industry in India.

2. Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Koechlin unveiled in a previous interview that she slept with her producer and directors to get a chance for Bollywood. And when she has gotten successful, she stopped doing it.

Among Bollywood actresses who slept for roles, not many people are brave enough to admit the fact like Kalki.

Kalki Koechlin stopped sleeping with directors once she got famous

For those who don't know, Kalki Koechlin is the ex-wife of Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap. In 2020, Anurag was involved in a scandal with Payal Ghosh who accused him of playing adult film and molesting her when she came to his house to discuss work.

3. Preeti Jain

In 2004, Mumbai hailed model Preeti Jain once filed a rape case against the famous filmmaker and director Madhur Bhandarkar. As to what Preeti Jain said, she had to sleep with him to receive a big part and Madhur Bhandarkar later denied her claims.

Like Preeti Jain, many Bollywood actresses who had sex with directors are forced to do so. It's some kind of rape to them.

The case of Preeti Jain was quite a big one

4. Kangana Ranaut

She is renowned to be an outspoken lady and she also shared her opinions on the casting couch. In a talk, Kangana Ranaut divulged that during her struggling period, she was forced to fornicate with the director. In detail, she said,


She also added that if the route of casting couch was such easy, all the women from the red light zone would have become superstars today.

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Kangana Ranaut was forced into having sexual intercourse with the director

5. Geetika Tyagi

She was also a victim of this when she first kicked off her career. Moreover, she accused Subhashish Kapoor of couching. Its veracity still remains a myth, but there was footage that revealed their conversation.

She spilled the tea that the director was asking to have sexual relations with her and she refused. In the end, they both landed in controversy and that took quite a long time to get silenced.

For the unversed, she once slapped Subhashish Kapoor in the face

6. Sunny Leone

Talking about Bollywood actress who slept with directors, some may think of Sunny Leone used to work in pornography. They could have assumed that she would be open towards such proposals.

However, Sunny Leone turned down the offer when a producer asked to sleep with her.

Sunny Leone was reportedly not involved in casting couch

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7. Mamta Kulkarni

Even a popular director like Rajkumar Santoshi got involved in couching accusations. Reportedly, When the China Gate shooting was on the process, Rajkumar Santoshi offered Mamta Kulkarni to sleep with him over a compromise matter.

The actress did not give a nod to the pressure. However, rumor also has it that she Kulkarni did compromise a bit. At the end of the say, these stories still don’t have a solid proof.

It is still unknown if Mamta Kulkarni really was a Bollywood actress who slept with directors

8. Payal Rohatgi

The infamous scandal was revealed on the Bigg Boss sets back in 2011.  The thing took place in Shanghai where filmmaker Dibakar Banerjee was having sexual relations with actress Payal Rohatgi.

Payal Rohatgi accused the director of inappropriately touching and abusing her and her statement stirred up a hornet’s nest.

This incident got quite a great deal of publicity

9. Tisca Chopra

Popular author-actress Tisca Chopra has worked in a lot of Bollywood films and she has also shared her thoughts on the casting couch.

“It’s a question of supply and demand. The supply of actors is far greater than their demand and so the directors and producers demand something extra for giving chances to aspirants, I have never heard of anybody raping anyone.”

Tisca Chopra was rumored to be a Bollywood actress who slept with directors

As a matter of fact, she was a victim of casting couch herself but she “came up with a cunning plan and could escape from the situation.”

10. Surveen Chawla

The Hate Story 2 star Surveen Chawla shared that she herself was a casting couch victim. She said she had to face “sleazy” offers from producers and directors to get her a part in films, but she never accepted any. She shared that her experience was in the South film industry.

Surveen Chawla was a victim of casting couch

The above are the Bollywood actress who slept with directors, according to rumors.  Many incidents have taken place and even with numerous famous names in question. Not many have managed to prove it. And proof or not, something is seriously wrong with this “method” of casting new faces based on their readiness to climb on the bed with their superiors.

Casting couch in Bollywood

And for your information, it's not just actresses but male actors are sometimes involved in such scandals as well. To name but a few, Ranveer Singh and Ayushmann Khurrana are rumoured to sleep with directors for roles.

The quirky sensation of Bollywood Ranveer is among those bold actors who don’t shy from talking about the industry’s dark side. In a talk before, he had shared that casting couch does exist and he experienced it himself. When the actor refused the demand of the other guy, he had cried like a rejected lover, and later, Ranveer knew that he did it to everybody.

Meanwhile, the 35-year-old star revealed that he also had experienced casting couch on his early stages at Bollywood entry. Before becoming an actor, Ayushmann Khurrana was already a famous anchor on the small screen. Yet, a casting director still asked him for sexual favors to which he had simply said no.

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