Sunny Leone Net Worth & Her 5 Fancy Assets That Make Everyone Jealous!

Nagini Shree |Apr 25, 2019

Former pornstar and sweet lady of Bollywood now, Sunny Leone has a net worth of Rs 97 crore and an annual income of Rs 2 crore. Her luxurious assets are as hot as her beauty!

Being a veteran actor in adult movie industry, Sunny Leone net worth accumulated throughout the years can make you jaw-dropped. Now you know it's not just her sexy body and skills that men are craving for, but also her giant net worth and assets. Check more below!

Sunny Leone Net Worth 1
The sexy former star earns Rs. 2 crore annually.

Sunny Leone net worth in Rupees & USD

Sunny Leone, whose journey began from starting her career in the adult film industry as a teenager, has created a sensation by stepping into Bollywood a few years ago. Time over time again, the sexy bombshell has ruled the hearts of the audiences with her hot item numbers.

Sunny Leone has an estimated net worth of Rs 97 crore and an annual income of Rs 2 crore, which comes from films, endorsements, television appearances, event, and public events. There is no doubt that Sunny owns a bunch of expensive items that make anyone green with envy. Here are 5 ridiculously swank assets belongs to Sunny Leone.

Converted to USD, Sunny Leone's net worth in 2020 is $13.6 million.

Sunny Leone net worth comes from various sources other than acting

Her curves to die for, her smile to heartthrob any hearts and wonderful acting has made her the Queen of Hearts in India. And Sunny Leone is the top searched star on the internet and the most sought-after actress in the entertainment industry.

What are the sources of Sunny Leone's net worth?

People all know the major source of Sunny Leone's income is from acting. She is the most popular actress in the Indian adult movie industry.

Sunny Leone In Bikini
From a porn star to an entrepreneur, that's Sunny Leone!

However, aside from acting, Sunny Leone also earns her income from various endorsement contracts, taking advantage of the "most searched star on the Internet in India" for 4 consecutive years.

Not stopping there, this girl is also an entrepreneur who has her own perfume line "Lust" in Dubai. Turning towards entrepreneurship, Bollywood's babe doll has created her own line of perfumes which is worth Rs 65 crore and is welcomed all over the world. It is generating good sales and reviews globally.

From now on, let's call Sunny Leone an entrepreneur

She once shared that she wanted to do business on various other categories as well such as fashion accessories, shoes, jewellery and apparels.

Continuing with her entrepreneurial journey, Sunny Leone opened her own cosmetic brand and introduced her products through an exclusive app and website as well.  The Starstruck product range includes lipsticks, glosses, liners, mascaras, eyeliners, and highlighters, among other products.

Sunny Leone Startruck source of net worth
Sunny Leone promoting her cosmetic line Startruck

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Top assets Sunny Leone has afforded with her net worth

Luxury cars: Audi A5 and BMW 7 Series, Maserati Ghibli

With great success comes bigger paychecks and what better way to personify your success than to invest in some fancy set of wheels, our Bollywood stars share a passion for luxurious automobile brands. Sunny Leone is not an exception. When it comes to automobiles, our sexy icon is a big fan of the German brand.


Sunny owns an Audi 5 worth Rs 55 Lakh. The actress also owns a BMW 7-Series  a gift by her husband Daniel Weber. The 7-Series is the flagship luxury saloon in the BMW's lineup and is the first choice for many rich and famous in the country.

Sunny Leone Maserati Car
Source: Sunny Leone Instagram

If Shahrukh Khan is right on top with the most expensive car in Bollywood and drives a Bugatti Veyron costing a mammoth 12 crores, Sunny Leone isn’t far behind when adding supercar Maserati Ghibli which is worth a whopping Rs 1.14 crore into her exotic car collection. Sunny Leone has an exquisite taste for cars and she certainly has a soft corner for exotic Italian Maseratis.

Bungalow in Los Angeles

Sunny Leone Bungalow In Los Angeles
Photos of Sunny Leone house in Los Angeles

Sunny Leone bought a new bungalow near Beverly Hills in Los Angeles as a gift for herself on her 36th birthday. The area is known for its spectacular Hollywood celebrity homes. The bungalow, which boasts of five bedrooms, a swimming pool, home theatre, an expansive garden, and outdoor dining area. The house is currently worth Rs 19 crore. Sunny Leone also owns a 3BHK flat in Andheri, Mumbai which is worth Rs 3 crore.

Sunny Leone Sexy Photo
No longer a movie star but Sunny Leone is still followed by many.

Though she has said goodbye to the adult movie industry, her popularity remains till date. And now people not just admire her sexy body but also look up to Sunny Leone net worth which is proving her talent in business field.

Above is basic information about Sunny Leone net worth you may look for. Should you want to add more, please leave comments below!

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