Amrita Singh Revealed An Unknown Truth Of Her Kids Sara And Ibrahim Ali Khan

Harshini |Oct 03, 2019

Sara and Ibrahim Ali Khan's interesting secret was revealed by their mother after they made a grand debut on a magazine cover.

Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan have recently appeared together for the first time on the cover of a magazine. The sister-brother duo has shared details of their sibling connection and also about their parents.

Khan Sibling

Ibrahim shared in the interview with Hello! Magazine, “The relationship we (Sara and I) share is just perfect - we rarely fight and that’s perhaps because we have a five-year gap between us. On occasions that we do, it’s over the stupidest things. We are very close and love each other a lot.”

Amrita Singh, the two’s mother, referred to her daughter as “a very God-loving child (who) has immense respect for every belief. She is also an extremely disciplined girl, be it her work or her mind and body, I see the effort she puts in every day to keep the balance and that’s really commendable.”

Amrita Kids

Sara Ali Khan debuted in the celluloid back in 2018 with Kedarnath. She continued to challenge herself with Simmba which also stars Ranveer Singh. In the near future, the actress will be seen in the reboot of Love Aaj Kal helmed by director Imtiaz Ali. She will also partake in Coolie No.1 remake alongside Varun Dhawan.

Sara Ali

Meanwhile, Ibrahim has been steering clear from the buzz. Talking about his resemblance in physique with Saif Ali Khan, his father, Ibrahim said,

“There are scenarios where people - whether it’s an old relative, my mother or a family friend – tell me, ‘Oh my god, you’re just like him (Saif) and he does that too!’ I guess maybe we are similar but I wouldn’t know that... But regardless, he is special to me. He is also my guide when it comes to man-to-man conversations.”

Ibrahim Handsome

Amrita also spoke of her son and revealed an interesting truth about her kids, “Ibrahim is the ‘old soul’ in our home. He’s kind and gentle and has the most sorted mind. He’s gifted with the ability to face the harshest truth with a brave smile and a strong will to overcome any shortcomings. But, the one problem I have with them is that they are both extremely messy and untidy!”

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh were husband and wife for 13 years, from 1991 to 2004. Then, Saif got married to actress Kareena Kapoor in 2009. They have with each other a son who is called Taimur.

Saif Ali Khan And His Children Sara Ibrahim Taimur

Talking about the second marriage of her father, Sara noted, “When my father just got married to Kareena, I remember going to the locker with my mother and taking out jewellery and saying which jhumkas should I wear? She called Abu and Sandeep and said, “Saif is getting married and I want Sara to have the most beautiful lehenga.”

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