A Co-star Offered A Midnight Back-rub - 'Me too' Story of Radhika Apte

Hanima Anand |Sep 17, 2018

The lovely Radhika Apte is quite a popular name in South cinema. She enjoys a strong fan following thanks to her good looks, charismatic personality, sincere performances and outspoken nature....

Do you remember the hashtag #metoo with all the meaning stories shared around the world? This time, our lovely Radhika Apte will tell all her fan about her "Me too" Story for the first time. It is an awkward memory as she told. Would you be curious about this story?

Radhika Apte is popular in all South cinema with her good looks and charismatic personality.  Many fans follows  her for the sincere performances and outspoken nature that she does.  She has the chance to work with some of the biggest names in the cinema industry and that is how her strong force has been reckoned with. Through her famous career, there is a shocking issue she want to reveal for kind of awkward reason. To recall all the uncomfortable incident with the media as the interaction, her 'Me too' story that had happened during the shoot of a film will be told.

An Awkward Offer!

An Awkward Invitation!

During the shoot of a film, Radhika said that a co-star invited her a back rub midnight. It is weird, right? It made her feel so awkward. She also revealed that the person who offer this is the guy she had never even spoken to before.

Her Exact Words

She share her word:

It is quite a long time ago when i had a backache. When i went to the lift to go back to my own room, the guy who stand next to me came closer to me and said: "Let me know if i can help you in the middle of tonight, i can come over and give you some back massage." That guy was part of the film we act together but we had not spoken much. I was so shock at that moment and wondered what he meant for that comment.

A Misunderstanding

A Misunderstanding

"After shocking in the short moment, i looked at his face to figure out that he was from a different culture and maybe he did not even realize that his words had made me feel uncomfortable. We talk to each other to get it clear and that was so true. I had misunderstood him and he also say sorry for that weird situation.

She Added
Radhika Apte feel so awkward about her "me too" story.

He said that the meaning of that statement is actual helping request with no other bothering or disturbing. He had said it base on his culture and he didn't realize that he made me feel goosy. After that, we did not have any misunderstand conversation like that "me too" story.

A Busy Time For The Actress

The busy Actress

After sharing the "me too" story, she reveals some new plans that make her busy this time, she will be alongside Ayushmann Khurrana in Andhadhun - her next big Hindi film. It will be a mystery-thriller genre. She also features the Iruvar with the actress named Tabu in a key role.


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