Rare Pictures Of Radhika Apte House In Mumbai, London and Pune

Leela Adwani |Sep 09, 2020

The eagle-eyed fans have missed no chance of getting a glimpse of Radhika's personal life as well as her house. See unseen pics of her beautiful home!

Hailing from Pune, Radhika Apte has cemented her place as one of the best actors in the Hindi film industry from playing complex and author-backed roles to speaking her mind in this complicated showbiz world. She made her mark in several hit dramas like Sacred Games, Andhadhun or Lust Stories. Since then her personal life has always been on the radar of not only paparazzi but also the netizens. That's why Radhika Apte house has always been a hot topic on social media platforms. The eagle-eyed fans have missed no chance of getting a glimpse of it.

Let's sneak a peek into Radhika Apte house

She mainly spends her time in her home Versova in Mumbai but sometimes the actress still takes a quiet getaway to her Pune home or flies to London where she also has another apartment with her husband.

Radhika Apte home tours

Even though the actress has been spending most of her quarantine in her London apartment with her husband, she does owns another flat in Mumbai. Let’s take a peek inside the color-filled Radhika Apte house.

The actress is a fan of vintage stuff

The actor revealed that it was her husband who encouraged her to make a shift to Mumbai to pursue her acting career. When she landed her first role in 2011 with the film Shor in the City, she also figured out that she would call Mumbai home.

She decorates her house to her liking

Apte credits hubby Taylor for choosing their Mumbai apartment that they are currently residing in. She said,

“He (Benedict) has a great sense of the kind of house to live in because he looks at the light, and he is better at imagining what the house could be turned into. I implement his vision. It is important to have light in your house. So, I have always looked for houses that have enough light.”

That’s why her home has a lot of light with windows put in every room. The wall is also dotted with a collection of paintings. It’s safe to say Radhika Apte house, especially, Mumbai apartment is full of the choicest art.

The living room full of light of Radhika

When it comes to the furniture, it would raise a few eyebrows as instead of buying new items, most of them belonged to Radhika Apte parents and even her grandmother. She is a big fan of vintage furniture and has picked up several pieces from both Mumbai and Pune.

There is one special chair in her living room. It was one of the first pieces of furniture that she could own with her own money but mostly it’s because her mother loves it. Turns out, it’s also her spot so neither does the actor nor her husband sit on it.

The favorite armchair of her mother
She even uses a big glass door in her kitchen

Meanwhile, the go-to corner in Radhika Apte house in the balcony where she has almost converted into her own nook.

Master bedroom with big transparent window with a floor mirror

One more tip to make the home look more spacious is using a mirror. The actress is doing so in her bedroom.

Her green home in Pune

Radhika Apte and Benedict Taylor marriage

Many find it hard to deal with a long-distance relationship, forget marriage. However, Radhika and her husband Benedict Taylor who is a British musician are not one of them. The actress married the London-based man in the year 2012 and since then both of them have tried to balance their work and personal life.

Radhika Apte and her husband remain a long-distance marriage

The actress reveals that despite the great physical distance, they always try to meet each other at least once a month. Even though traveling turns out to be expensive, to make the relationship work, they don’t mind splurging on it.

A corner of Radhika Apte house in London

They first met each other when Radhika was in London learning the contemporary dance from a renowned musician named Benedict Taylor. Sharing the same interests, the two instantly hit off. Their bond soon strengthened and within one year, they got so serious about their relationship and finally settled down with a court marriage.

Talking about her profession, Radhika Apte Phobia is one of the most successful films in her acting career. Releasing in 2016, the psychological thriller film starred Radhika in the lead role.

The film garnered a positive response from the critics and the audiences alike with the praise centered mostly on the performance of Radhika.

Phobia is a must-watch film even if you are not a fan of Radhika

The film revolves around the story of Mehak (played by Apte) who is a talented artist by unfortunately develops agoraphobia after being assaulted by a taxi driver. However, when she doesn’t respond to therapy, she is taken to a new home, Mehak feels a malevolent force and her visions persist.

Hope this tour around Radhika Apte house already fulfilled your curiosity and can imagine how a day of the actress looks like!

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