5 Bollywood Actors Who Pushes Acting Method To A Higher Level

Mina Muzumdar |Feb 28, 2019

Here are 5 Bollywood actors who have the most remarkable role on the big screen!

Most people are comfortable with the term "method acting" which is applied by big stars like Robert De Niro and Leonardo Di Caprio, and even huge numbers of our Bollywood stars enjoy it. Throughout the development, many standards have been set which lead to the expectations from the general public to actors. In some cases, those are so difficult for performing artists, that simply looking like it is insufficient. 

The actors additionally attempt to represent the characters’ mannerisms on screen and from that they become the characters. Indeed, when applying method acting, it also means that the actors’ job is “become” another person. Their roles are not just one on-set but also in their real life to discover and bring the spirit of the character into their performance on screen. So, we list down five times Bollywood actors went all out while prepping for their roles.

Ranveer Singh - Allauddin Khilji (Padmaavat)

The character Allauddin Khilji by under the performance of Ranveer Singh, in Padmaavat directed Sanjay Leela Bhansali, has got tons of positive assessments from not only moviegoers but more important, critics; The fact is that his performance can be described as a desirable model. 

The acting ability of Ranveer Singh is undoubtedly true, however with Padmaavat, the actor evolved it to the next level. In addition to observable transformation in his physical, he also made his role more realistic when changing his vocal style as well as body language.

Ranveer Singh Padmavati Movie

During the process that Ranveer was shooting for Bajirao Mastani where he played a warrior, the actor recognised that he had to go away from his safe zone with the role as Khilji. To understand and being able to immerse himself in the psyche of Khilji, alongside perusing up on the mythology about emperors and conquerors, Ranveer decided to keep himself in his house for around a month. 

All through that period, he almost had no connection to outside world; even though, as part of his job, he still had to keep in touch with his assistant - Bhansali, his fitness coach and a couple of key individuals from the crew.


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It was such a tough time but, in the end, it was worth the effort; for Ranveer described that experience as fulfilling and satisfying.


Rajkummar Rao - Shaurya (Trapped)

Rajkummar Rao has frequently portrayed himself as a big fan of Daniel Day Lewis, the legendary in the film industry. Method acting was pushed to another dimension by Daniel Day Lewis in his movies which likewise provides us with some insight on why Rajkummar Rao is so committed to his work. 

In Trapped, a film directed by Vikramaditya Motwane, Rajkummar was in a role as an employee named Shaurya working in a call centre who had been accidentally stuck in his apartment without water, food and power. It only took 20 days to shoot the movie and, until now, Rajkummar regularly mentions Trapped as one of the most challenging projects in his career.


To provide a looking like he had not drunk and eaten since a couple of days, Rajkummar forced himself to lose significant weight by following a tough diet with only carrots and black coffee in 3 weeks. Around his ribcage, there was the absence of flesh and it made him look like a man who had been starving. He made the movie look more realistic than ever.

Ranbir Kapoor - Sanjay Dutt (Sanju)

Since the movie released, Sanju has become the featured topics of B-town. It is evident that most people were so excited when the life of Sanjay Dutt, which is full of controversy, was showed on the screens. To bring success to the movie, the mission of Ranbir was to nail his role as Sanjay Dutt completely. The star has deserved praise for the incredible physical change he experienced for the film, even though, barely appearing to be like Sanjay Dutt wouldn't have been sufficient.


Ranbir had the ability to master many aspects in habitual gestures of Sanjay Dutt; mainly from body language to talking and walking style which had succeeded in convincing audiences that the superstar, Sanjay Dutt actually told the movie. Answering in a leading daily’s interview, Ranbir Kapoor uncovered that despite it was in the midnight or right before filming, he would make phone calls to have the advice from Sanjay Dutt on his reaction to the specific circumstance.



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Aamir Khan - Mahavir Singh Phogat (Dangal)

In 2016, Dangal was introduced as a biographical film about sports; the movie is the production of Aamir Khan, and the director was Nitesh Tiwari. Dangal is the story about an unprofessional wrestler, Mahavir Singh Phogat, whose daughters - Geeta and Babita - is in training process instructed by himself to become the first female wrestlers reaching the world-class level in India. To have a suitable looking in Dangal, Aamir needed to experience a remarkable body change. For a specific part of the film, Aamir suffered a tough training to have the shape of a professional wrestler; while in the other part, he must make sure that his looking could convince that it looked suitably like a 52 years old wrestler from Haryana.


Whereas Aamir still had a quite effective option that putting on a suit which made him looked like overweight, the actor decided to gain weight by himself as in his perspective, the movement like sitting standing, and walking of a person will change after gaining weight and become overweight. A suit could save time and met the requirement in visual but in mannerism, he seemed to be unable to mimic and act closely like an overweight person.

In the Pangal, the part that Aamir was playing as the older adult was shot sooner than the part in which he played a professional wrestler. This was mostly done because the actor stated that he had no inspiration to get in shape. Beginning from 98 kg, incredibly, the actor succeeded in reducing 8% of his fat in three months. That was such remarkable changes in his weight which could cause severe problems related to health to anyone, but it seemed to be that Aamir was an exception. Can have serious wellbeing suggestions yet luckily, it didn't work for Aamir's situation.

Hrithik Roshan - Ethan Mascarenhas (Guzaarish)

The character of Hrithik Roshan in the movie Guzaarish of Sanjay Leela Bhansali was a paralysed person. In addition to Hrithik Roshan, the film also had the participation of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in a leading role. After becoming a disabled person, the life of Ethan was full of boredom, and he completely tired of his life which led to the request to end his life was sent to the government.


For maintaining the mannerisms of a patient, Bhansali – the director of Guzaarish - required Hrithik to stay away from working out while the shootings were in process. Hrithik additionally experienced extraordinary preparation, met different paraplegic patients to understand and immerse himself in the character. While It is easy to see the actor on the wheelchair for the greater part of the film, the wheelchair was also used by the actor even at his home as he wanted to get used to it and feel comfortable during the time he was shooting for the movie.

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