"You Complete My World", Shoaib Ibrahim's Cute Birthday Wish To Wife Dipika Kakar

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Aug 07, 2019

The reason behind the divorce is not known yet but it is said that Dipika divorced Raunak because of Shoaib.

The most adorable couple of television industry Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar has grabbed all the attention again on Instagram. TV actress Dipika Kakar is celebrating her birthday today with her close friends and family.
Her husband Shoaib Ibrahim posted a sweet message on Instagram about her and described that Dipika's existence in his life is important and special. Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar married last year with close friends and family.
Shoaib posted on Instagram, “I am lucky enough to fallen in love with my best friend... so as u turn a year older, I just want to say how happy I am that you are mine!! You complete my world. Love you.. happy birthday bachcha”.
Dipika also posted videos on Instagram and wrote, “This completes my birthday!! kahin bhi chale jaayein jabtak ghar pe iss tarah se choti si celebration na ho every occasion remains incomplete!!! love being home coz my home is love”.
Dipika was married to pilot Raunak Samson but the couple got separated after three years of marriage in 2015. The reason behind the divorce is not known yet but it is said that Dipika divorced Raunak because of Shoaib.
Dipika and Shoaib fell in love while working together but Dipika was a married woman then. Her troubled marriage with her ex-husband came to an end in January 2015 after a bitter divorce. Although there were speculations of Dipika and Shoaib’s love affair, none of the two actors confirmed the news, raising more eyebrows.

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She made it clear that Shoaib was not the reason behind her failed marriage and divorce. She said, "It's not mandatory that every love marriage should work; it can have its issues like compatibility too. Breaking off any relationship is difficult, almost traumatic. That's exactly what happened with me. My parents supported me and Shoaib helped me pull through those difficult times. We were not dating then."


After the divorce, how did Shoaib and Dipika fell in love? Well, the distance made their hearts grow fonder.

It was only after Shoaib left the show that Dipika realized her feelings for him. She shared, "After he left, I distanced myself from everyone on the set for almost two years. I got anxiety attacks once when I couldn't reach him when he was on a 40-day outdoor schedule of his project."

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They had a strong emotional connect. Shoaib shared one such incident that made him fall for her even harder. He said, "My father suffered a brain hemorrhage. Being the only son, I had to be there for my mother and sister while my father was recuperating. Dipika supported us emotionally. I wanted to be sure that this relationship wasn't on the rebound. Also, we were getting to know each other better.

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No matter how progressive we become, being a divorcee has some kind of a social stigma attached to it in our society. I had that stamp on me. But he gave me that space and despite being aware of my past, never complained about it. He has in fact always respected that. Coming from a small town, even his parents never let me feel that. I have always longed for family. Ammi sends Dabba for me when my mother is not there. I feel I am more close to his mom than him. Everything is positive and we are more at peace now."


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