These May Be Dipika Kakar Ibrahim’s Secrets To Keep Her Love Life Perfect!

Kimmy Karima |Aug 01, 2019

Dipika Kakar and her husband seem to have a perfect marriage life. Let’s find some “secrets” from the photos she posted on Instagram.

Dipika Kakar married her co-star Shoaib Ibrahim in 2018 and they’ve been happy together since then. From the sweet photos she posted on Instagram, we may find tips to keep the love fire burning…

They spend a lot of time together

Dipika Kakar Moments
Photo: Instagram.

The star of the Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum series frequently posts photos of herself and her beau, which shows they usually join at the hip. In some photos, they looked casual, so perhaps they enjoyed running daily errands together.

They do physical activities together

Dipika Kakar
Photo: Instagram.

Doing activities together is important as it deepens the bond. Dipika and Shoaib looked so happy when going out for a ride. Shoaib wrote that: “…it was for her first ride on my bike…” It seems like he’s proud of both his wife and his bike!

They complement each other

Dipika Kakar Endless Talk
Photo: Instagram.

This couple has complementary characteristic traits. One is more talkative and the other likes to listen. That’s why Dipika used to write: “my endless talks and your patience to keep listening…”. What’s more beautiful than that?

They share laughter

Dipika Kakar Laughter
Photo: Instagram.

Laughter connects souls. So these two lovebirds definitely are strengthening their relationship by relaxing and sharing laughter at every moment they can find in their busy schedules.

One gives the other the most special gift

Dipika Kakar
Photo: Instagram.

Shoaib paid a surprise visit to Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum set while his wife was filming. They took a sweet picture then. Shoaib’s thoughtfulness is such a lovely gift! It showed how much he missed his wife and respected her work.

They keep their love fresh and new

Dipika Kakar Anniversary
Photo: Instagram.

The photo when Dipika and Shoaib had their first-anniversary celebration proved that they hadn’t gotten out of “the honeymoon phase” yet. They wore a couple of black shirts and only had eyes for each other. So sweet they made our hearts melt…

They’re supportive of each other

Dipika Kakar Supportive
Photo: Instagram.

Experiencing the rises and falls together, this couple doesn’t take each other for granted. Dipika is especially supportive of her husband’s career and interests. That may be why they both always feel so comfortable together.


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