"I Am The First Writer To Be On Bigg Boss", Says BB 13 Contestant Siddharth Dey

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Oct 19, 2019

Alongside Siddharth Dey, Paras Chhabra, Asim Riaz, Abu Malik, Mahira Sharma, and Rashami Desai are named for the current week on "Bigg Boss 13".

Big Boss 13 never ceases to amaze. This year it is in the form of writer Siddharth Dey.

Relatively, very few anticipated him to romance, joke around, battle and even control housemates, given his profession. While he is selected for the current week, according to the ongoing patterns, he is by all accounts serenely safe from removal.

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Before entering the Bigg Boss 13 house, Siddharth solely uncovered an intriguing reality about himself. "Very few realize that I composed the initial two scenes of Bigg Boss season 1. I was a part of the writing group in 2006 however fled seeing the magnificence of fight between the housemates. Life has ended up at ground zero as now I am a contender of the show," he imparted to a giggle.

At the point when we asked what caused him to take an interest in the questionable reality show, he stated, "I am the first writer to be on Bigg Boss. What's more, I feel very lucky to represent the community. They buckle down and work so hard but they are never given credit. We should understand that If not for the writers, there would scarcely be any content. Indeed, even celebs speak lines composed by us each time. Also, actors won't work if there is no author."

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Sharing that he is quite a humorous man, Siddharth Dey jested, "I am normally a carefree and agreeable man. I could never prevent myself from calling a spade, a spade not at the expense of hurting somebody. I don't enjoy dramatization and battles for it. Additionally, I am incredibly stubborn so we should perceive how my journey goes on the show."

When asked about his procedure to endure throughout the show the 35-year-old stated, "There's no methodology. I have no plans. All I know is that I will have a great deal of fun. Likewise, as my name proposes Sid-Heart, I will play the game with my heart."

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As most writers have a propensity for writing down their thoughts, we wondered by what means will he oversee without a pen and paper in the house. He shared, "That is the most exceedingly awful piece of taking part in Bigg Boss. I have a habit of writing for two hours consistently, any place I am on the planet. That would be a thing I will miss the most."

Alongside Siddharth Dey, Paras Chhabra, Asim Riaz, Abu Malik, Mahira Sharma, and Rashami Desai are named for the current week on Bigg Boss 13.


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