Top 10 Instagram Influencers In India: From Nitika Bhatia Whig To Aashna Shroff

Rose Advani |Oct 04, 2019

Instagram has mass popularity recently and gives a significant influence on the young. By sharing the best things from lifestyles through great pictures, these Instagram influencers get thousands of followers.

Instagram shows you the world of great pictures around all things in our lifestyles as fashion, food, clothing, travel, and blogging. In this way, Instagram influencers inspire their passion for the young.

Here are 5 of the Top 10 Instagram influencers in India who share the best things of all lifestyles to the young and get thousands of followers.

Nitika Bhatia Whig

Nitika Bhatia Whig, a beautiful plus size girl, becomes an inspiration in the fashion world of both plus0size girls and other girls. @theshopaholicdiaries is a fashion blogger with 194K followers on Instagram at present.

Top 10 Instagram Influencers In India
Nitika Bhatia is a beautiful plus-size woman

By sharing a series of great photoshoots around the fashion styles and lifestyles for plus-size people, Nitika Bhatia has changed the face of fashion and contribute to diversifying the fashion world. Also, her Instagram profile becomes a great destination for any girls to get fashion tips for a good dressing up.

Shalini Chopra

Shalini Chopra is popular with @Stylish_by_Nature on Instagram, which has crossed 436K followers. Chopra shared fabulous pictures in multi-fields in the life around fashion, food, travel, beauty, and lifestyles and got thousands of followers for each post.

Top 10 Instagram Influencers In India
Shalini Chopra shared the best things around fashion, beauty, travel, and food.

With @Stylish_by_Nature on Instagram, Shalini Chopra has achieved lots of adorable awards as the Best Fashion Blogger-South and Blogger of The Year 2018 award. For those successes, she becomes one of the Top 10 Instagram Influencers in India.

Amol Goel

Amol Goel stunts on Instagram as a photographer who take and share lots of fabulous photos about India. For any guy keen on the rich cultural sites and heritage of India must follow his Instagram @indiapictures.

Top 10 Instagram Influencers In India
Amol Goel shares his eye-catching photos about Indian

Presently, his Instagram stores numbers of eye-catching snaps, which attract 469K followers, and this number will grow fast in the upcoming time.

Rishab Kohli

Rishab Kohli stands out as one of the Top 10 Instagram influencers in India with the motivational quotes on his Instagram @thenegativewords. All fans follow his Instagram to view a different perspective on life through his music and poetry.

Top 10 Instagram Influencers In India
Rishab Kohli stunt with his motivational quotes about Love

Most of his stories and poems are related to love, which undoubtedly attracts the young and partly gives an influence on their thoughts.

Aashna Shroff

For makeup and fashion tips, following @AashnaShroff on her Instagram page will give you back the secret to shine your look. Her Instagram page covers some unique fashion tips that stand out your personality. With more 669K followers, Aashna Shroff shines as a top Instagram influencer, empower the light in the makeup and fashion platform.

Top 10 Instagram Influencers In India
Aashna Shroff reveals the makeup and fashion tips on her Instagram

Besides her Instagram, the beautiful girl owns her YouTube channel with more than 160K subscribers, for specific tutorials around the makeup and fashion tips. Also, Aashna Shroff is one of the Top 5 Indian Female Fashion Bloggers.

These Instagram influencers have partly contributed to the change in lifestyles of the young around fashion, beauty, food, thoughts, and other perspectives of life. For the position as at present, these influencers must put their passion and take lots of hard works to share the best things to viewers.

Here are five of the Top 10 Instagram Influencers in India, and the list will be updated soon.


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