Top 5 Indian Female Fashion Bloggers: Never-Ending Fashion And Lifestyle Inspiration To Readers

Kareena Kusari |Apr 18, 2019

Are you seeking inspiration for a more chic style and a more colorful life? If so, remember to add top 5 Indian fashion and lifestyle female bloggers below to gain more knowledge and build unique ideas for your style.

In recent years, the fashion and lifestyle bloggers with outstanding characteristics such as beautiful, graceful, talented, and in-depth knowledge about fashion and lifestyle, have mushroomed. They quickly created some small fever on social media, and gradually earned a lot of admirers.

Are you a genuine fan of beauty and fashion? Are you seeking inspiration for a more chic style and a more colorful life? If so, remember to add top 5 Indian fashion and lifestyle female bloggers below to gain more knowledge and build unique ideas for your style.

1. Aashna Shroff - The Snob Journal

Instagram Followers: +588K

In spite of a very young age, Aashna Shroff savored the sweet taste of success as a social media influencer at the age of 25. She, a Mumbai-based beauty blogger and Youtuber, is currently the founder cum owner of The Snob Journal, a popular synthesis blog of beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and travel.

In November 2013, as a 20-year-old girl, Aashna kicked off her career with an online store on Facebook. Subsequently, she gradually stepped into a newer and more challenging field: Blog and YouTube, the path led to her current success.

Not only that, but Aashna also comes to fame on Instagram. In the beginning, her first Instagram posts which predominantly focused on fashion raked in a stable following. Surprisingly, starting with a passion, the young female now enjoys the sweet fruits as becoming India's initial Instagram crorepati with above 587,000 followers.

Previously, Aashna once pursued photography, interior design and even worked as a preschool teacher. However, eventually, she determined to stick with her indeed passion: Fashion.

Also, the Mumbai blogger attended a short course in Fashion Business in the UK. Nonetheless, she conceived that you don't necessarily have a degree to reach success. All you need is to seek your genuine passion in you and work hard; you will surely reach your destination of success in life.

2. Aakriti Rana - Aakriti Rana

Instagram Followers: + 576K

Aakriti Rana kicked off her career as a model during her college days and achieved several accolades in modeling including May Queen in 2010, and Best Model in 2011, 2012. With several titles in hand, Aakriti started to change her direction and desired to embark on the fashion career. Possessing a great sense of style of a fashion enthusiast, the young girl has found a wide-open entrance to her dream by starting a blog Aakriti Rana in 2014.

Merely in a short period, her blog, where the readers can find helpful knowledge and real inspiration in every sparkling article and video about fashion, lifestyle, travel, and beauty, effortlessly gained fame. Since then, Aakriti has many opportunities to collaborate with various designers, luxury brands and international brands.

Despite following a handful of international fashion bloggers such as Shea Marie, Aakriti has never looked for a source of pure inspiration from any individuals. She pursues creativity and always puts her style on the top priority in her articles. Apart from blogging, Aakriti seeks her passion for designing and photography.

3. Santoshi Shetty - The StyleEdge

Instagram Followers: +614K

Possessing a passion for design together with bringing an interest in trends, colors, patterns, and textures of an architectural student, Santoshi Shetty built her reputation as one of the most influential figures in the Indian blogosphere through her popular blog The StyleEdge.

Coming to The StyleEdge, the readers can come across with the latest trends, fashion advice as well as Santoshi's unique perspective on fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle. Besides, the followers can seek fashion and beauty inspirations and ideas which she conveys to every exciting blog post.

Being an expert in fashion and beauty, Santoshi has affirmed her talent as winning numerous coveted awards including Cosmopolitan Blogger (2016), Elle Blogger (2016), and Palladium Spotlight Fashion Blogger (2017).

4. Kritika Khurana - That Boho Girl

Instagram Followers: +577K

Kritika Khurana is a well-known Indian fashionista, fashion blogger and social media personality who inspired thousands of females across India and gained popularity through her blog named That Boho Girl. Owning ultra-stylish looks and charming personality, the 25-year-old blogger found her way into the readers' hearts as one of their favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers in India.

Previously, after finishing her graduation in Fashion Designing in the University of Delhi, Kritika started her blogging career with a YouTube channel named Kritika Khurana in 2016. Currently, Kritika owns a 577,000 followers Instagram account and 162,000 subscribers Youtube channel.

In 2017, she once appeared as a contestant along with London-base fashion blogger Doina Ciobanu at a fashion and lifestyle convention in Social City London.

5. Shalini Chopra - Stylish By Nature

Instagram Followers: +413K

Shalini Chopra, the Bangalore-based founder of the fashion blog Stylish By Nature, first came to fashion and beauty blogging as a passion in 2011. As a leading fashion and luxury lifestyle blogger, Shalini desires to bring diverse ideas, tips, and inspiration in fashion, beauty, travel and more to her readers who consider style as important stuff as breathing.

At Stylish By Nature, you will find affordable fashion, food, fitness, beauty, lifestyle, vintage, designer couture collections, product reviews as well as everything that can be helpful for your image.

Additionally, Shalini has also ranked as top Indian Fashion Blogger in three consecutive years 2014, 2015 and 2016 and the Best Fashion Blogger in South in 2018 besides many other national and international accolades. Also, Bangalore-based blogger has marked her appearances in The New York Times with her street style pics.


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