Sana Khan Wedding Photos Go Viral Though She Quit The Industry Days Ago

Hanima Anand |Nov 23, 2020

The actress looks stunning in an intricate ethnic dress while her husband opts for a simple white sherwani. See full collection of Sana Khan wedding photos here!

Though she announced her early retirement from the entertainment industry in October, Sana Khan wedding photos still receive huge attention from the audience. The former actress and model also shares some of her wedding pics on Instagram.

Sana Khan Wedding photos collection
Sana Khan got married to a Gujarati businessman after quitting the industry.

Sana Khan was born on 21 August 1988 in Mumbai. She started acting in 2005 before rising to fame in the Bigg Boss sixth season in 2012. During her 15 years working in either film or television industry, Sana Khan movies and shows were all welcomed by the audience.

All of a sudden, in October 2020, Sana Khan decided to quit acting to ‘serve humanity and follow the orders of [her] Creators.’ It now turns out the actress steps back to take care of her new home.

Sana Khan Wedding Photos 1
The beautiful bride wore a red lehenga while her husband dressed in a simple sherwani.

Sana Khan's husband is a Gujarat-based businessman. His name is Anas Sayed. The couple wedded in an intimate ceremony on 20 November 2020. It’s not until Sunday that Sana Khan wedding photos leaked out.

Sana Khan Wedding Photos 2
Sana Khan and her husband were cutting their wedding cake in the ceremony.

Before dating Anas Sayed, Sana Khan was in a relationship with the popular choreographer Melvin Louis. The two called it quit in February, leaving their fans in shock. It’s probably Anas Sayed who made Sana Khan feel what true love was and removed her from the burden of a showbiz star.

Sana Khan Wedding Photos 3
Sana also put on a modern bridal dress besides her ethnic dress.

Other than Sana Khan wedding photos that were uploaded by the Bigg Boss alumnus herself, relatives and friends also shared some videos inside the ceremony.

Sana Khan Wedding Photos 4
Sana resembles an angel in her wedding.

No matter what style the bride opted for, she looked gorgeous with a happy smile as always.

Sana Khan Wedding Photos 5
She finally found her other half in Anas Sayed.

After her announcement to leave the industry, Sana Khan hasn’t shared what career she wanted to pursue specifically. However, we believe whatever job she takes, she will get full support from her husband Anas Sayed, her family, and her fans who admire this former actress for her beautiful personality.

Sana Khan Wedding Photos 6
The eyes that you can't resist

Check more Sana Khan wedding photos below!

Sana Khan Wedding Photos 7
Sana Khan looks almost unrecognizable compared to her previous style when dating Melvin.
Sana Khan Wedding Photos 8
One can easily feel her happiness in every Sana Khan wedding pic.

In fact, while many congratulate the former actress on her wedding, some others troll Sana Khan for her swift decision. Sana Khan just broke up with her ex in February 2020, and she changed her style completely since then before quitting the industry as well. See how netizens react!

Sana Khan Wedding Photos 9
A common troll towards Sana Khan wedding
Sana Khan Before And After
She did change completely after the breakup in February.

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