Stiff Where? Woman Got Hair Stuck To Head After Using Super Glue Instead Of Hair Spray

Salena Harshini |Mar 06, 2021

The industrial-strength adhesive is no substitute for a can of hair spray. Big lesson!

Tessica Brown is known as Gorilla Glue girl after her scalp story went viral. Instead of using her setting hair spray, she grabbed an extra strong glue brand and used for her hair.

She shared her unfortunate turn of events on TikTok with her followers.

Gorilla Glue Girl 1
The 40-year-old from Louisiana had an unforgettable experience with her hair.

The hair was unmovable for 1 month

Talking on the video, Tessa shared,

“My hair has been like this for about a month now. It’s not by choice - when I do my hair I like to finish it off with a little got2b glued spray (a Schwarzkopf hair setting spray) you know just to keep it in place.

“Well, I didn’t have any more got2b glued spray so I used this.”

As she held up a can of super strong glue Gorilla Glue Heavy Duty, she explained that her regular spray ran out. The woman also said she had washed her tresses 15 times and they did not move at all.

Stiff Where Gorilla Glue Girl
She shared that her hair did not move it made her anxious.

The Gorilla Glue girl finished her video warning people not to follow her mistake. In the next video, she displayed show shampoo could not budge the glue that was fused to her scalp.

Her video has gone viral since then, collecting over 10 million views. In fact, she had to seek help from the professionals in the hospital.

Surgeons came to the rescue

Brown actually did have a pinch of good humor. She proclaimed “stiff where???’ as a reference to a TikTok trend that generally meant well-done hair. While the woman was unsure about how she could remove the superglue from her hair, hecklers and well-wishers flocked to her comment section.

Tessica Brown Gorilla Glue Girl
She seeks help from a professional plastic surgeon.

Many made jokes while some tried to help with their suggestions. From vinegar, coconut oil, and rubbing alcohol, home remedies did not solve the problem.

Although the Gorilla Glue girl reached the local doctor, nothing seemed to work. Later, she chopped off her ponytail and flown to Los Angeles to get help from surgeons.

According to reports, Dr. Michael Obeng took a four-hour surgery to get the glue off her head. Reportedly, the plastic surgeon did it for free. He used a mix of aloe vera, acetone, olive oil, and medical-grade adhesive remover to dissolve the spray.

Well, Tessica Brown will wait some while before using a weave or making her hair into a ponytail. However, luckily she will be able to keep her head of hair.

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