Most Influential Hollywood Bisexual Characters On TV That Make Us Take More Pride Than Ever

Laavanya Hien |Jul 03, 2019

Here are a number of bisexual characters that we see on TV and they make us take more pride in sexuality than ever and become a source of inspiration.

Bisexuality was not a thing that anyone could be. In fact, people could be gay, straight, or confused. Although our world is now gradually accepting gender identities or LGBT sexualities, it might still be a bit difficult for the ones who are identified as bisexual to blend in.

That’s why how bisexuality is demonstrated through films, movies, or TV series are something really encouraging to us. Here are a number of bisexual characters that we see on TV and they make us take more pride in sexuality than ever.

Bisexual Characters

Kat Edison in The Bold Type

When it comes to the most impressive TV’s bisexual character, it has to be Kat Edison (played by Aisha Dee) in the 2017 TV series The Bold Type. Ever since she met Adema El Amin, an erotic lesbian artist, Kat has significantly changed.

In particular, she devoted a lot of time to identify as straight; however, unfortunates things now happened to her as she has experimented with an open relationship, stumbled upon a beau, and gone through one heart-wrenching breakup.

Kat Edison

Eleanor Shellstrop in The Good Place

The fantasy-comedy TV series The Good Place also offers us an insight into the lives of bisexual characters.

Chidi (acted by William Jackson Harper) and Eleanor (played by Kristen Bell) have become one of the sexiest couples on TV in the ranking of 2018’s Best TV Ships.

Eleanor Shellstrop

Toni Topaz in Riverdale

The first purpose of Toni is to cause a split between Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones, as well as a careless attitude towards Jug. And, this makes us think of a different lazy portrayal of bisexuality.

Nonetheless, the passionate relationship together with Cheryl Blossom changed everything. Without a doubt, Toni is totally committed to her lady-in-red while she refuses to lose the uniqueness of her identity.

Toni Topaz

Petra Solano in Jane The Virgin

If you are a fan of Jane the Virgin, you cannot forget Petra who might have begun her journey as the crazy-AF wife of Rafael.

However, five seasons later, she becomes an out single, bisexual, and is fought over again by Rafael and Jane, who want Petra to be their maid of honor at the marriage ceremony.

Petra Solano
Photo: Youtube


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