Watch "Into The Wild With Bear Grylls" Special Episode With Akshay Kumar For A Thrilling Experience In The Wilderness

Salena Harshini |Sep 16, 2020

See how actor Akshay Kumar challengees himself in the exhilarating wilderness in the episode of "Into The Wild with Bear Grylls" now!

Bollywood top-notch actor Akshay Kumar is officially part of an Into The Wild With Bear Grylls special episode. This episode was shot across Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Karnataka in January. He has been uploading sneak peeks of his thrilling adventure online.

For those uninformed, Into The Wild With Bear Grylls, or Running Wild with Bear Grylls, is a survival skill reality TV series, In each ep, Bear Grylls will bring a different celeb along with him on his adventures.

Into The Wild With Bear Grylls Akshay Kumar1
The show has seen the feature of many top celebs like Channing Tatum, Jukia Roberts, President Barack Obama, Armie Hammer

Apart from doing risky stunts and traveling through a jungle, Akshay Kumar and Grylls also shared a warm companionship and got candid on their struggles and lives.

Here is what you will be able to see in Into the Wild With Bear Grylls Akshay Kumar episode.

Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood in action

Well-known for his ability to ace daredevil stunts in movies, Akshay obviously did not shy from flaunting his adventurous side on the series.

Into The Wild With Bear Grylls
The two will be seen in an exciting and risky adventure

Viewers will get to see the actor in the experience which he described to be harder than things he usually carries out in shoots.

Akshay and Bear ziplined over a river full of crocodiles

While Grylls is familiar with ziplining, the act was a new experience for Akshay Kumar as he was afraid of the crocodiles in the river. However, he still managed to cross it eventually.

Drinking elephant dung tea

Grylls will shock the Padman actor by making tea from elephant poop. As he tasted this elephant poop tea for the first time ever, Akshay Kumar can be seen that he quite liked its taste.

Elephant Poop Tea
Drinking elephant poop tea? Nothing is impossible in this show

Akshay made Grylls eat ‘ayurvedic balls’

In the Into the Wild With Bear Grylls Akshay Kumar episode, you will Akshay Kumar introduced Bear to ‘ayurvedic balls’ made of the gum from the apricot tree. The thing looks like gond ladoo. The actor explained that they are a source of instant energy and consuming more than one each day can cause “shitting blood”. This certainly scared bear.

No pain, no gain

In the last task of the Into The Wild with Bear Grylls Akshay Kumar will have to climb up a bridge with rode ladder quickly. Bear Grylls shared a smart technique with Akshay to help him out.

Akshay shared that he truly enjoyed the task and he was able to learn something new. The actor also had a wound during the mission but called it a memento from this show.

Into The Wild Bear Grylls Akshay
Akshay Kumar pulls off his task just like what he does in films

Going down the memory lane

Akshay also opened up about his childhood and his family in this special episode. He disclosed that he used to live with 24 people in a small Old Delhi-based house.

Speaking of his years growing up, he shared that his dad was and is always his role model.

The emotional and proud father

He also talked about his relationship with son Aarav and on this, his emotional side was brought to the fore.

Into The Wild With Bear Grylls Akshay Kumar2
They get to share their stories too

Akshay Kumar unveiled that Aarav does not want to be the center of public attention and that his son is really different. Aarav does not want to tell anybody that he is the son of Akshay Kumar.

Akshay gets special messages

Whenever the star completed a task in the adventure of Into The Wild with Bear Grylls Akshay Kumar ep, he was rewarded with a video message that Bear Grylls especially collected from Akshay’s friends and family.

His wife Twinkle Khanna along with colleagues Suniel Shetty, Katrina Kaif sent endearing messages to the actor.

The Into The Wild With Bear Grylls Akshay Kumar episode has been aired on 14 September on Discovery Channel.

You can watch the special episode of Into The Wild With Bear Grylls featuring Akshay Kumar now. It is available in multiple languages including Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and English.

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