Exclusive Interview: "Social Media Influencers Must Be Responsible While Making Content", Says Jannat Zubair

Imran Asif Fazal |Oct 31, 2019

Jannat Zubair will be featuring in an American web series titled "My Way" and will be shot in Los Angeles.

Jannat Zubair Rahmani popularly known as Jannat grew to fame via her TikTok videos and today she has 19.9 million followers on the video application.

After working in television shows for twelve years, Jannat Zubair will be working in an American series My Way which is based on an Indian girl who attends a dance school in Los Angeles.

Jannat Zubair has completely stopped working in television shows and now plans to focus on her social media accounts and post videos.

In an exclusive interview with STARBIZ Correspondent Imran Fazal, Jannat Zubair spoke in detail about her career and how she takes on controversies surrounding TikTok influencers. Read the excerpts.


You have got a huge fan following on social media platforms. How did you start with TikTok? 

In 2016 we started doing musical.ly but I was very lazy in making videos. So last year when I got time after completing my show I started making videos regularly. After which my younger brother Ayaan insisted that we make videos and upload it on TikTok.

Soon we started getting good views and responses from the audience. We started enjoying it and posted more videos. Today I am getting so much love and respect from my fans.

You rose to fame via TikTok what are your future plans?

There are a lot of plans for the future and I made a singing debut with song Ishq Farzi. It has crossed 28 million views and it was trending on YouTube for two days and I was amazed at the response we got. But now I do not have plans for TV shows and web series.

We have completely stopped doing TV shows. My dad is handling everything and we are going through few film scripts but we are yet to finalize anything yet. I am coming up with few more music videos in coming days and I will be singing that particular song.

Jannat Zubair With Faisal Shaikh Mr Faisu
Actor Faisal Shaikh and Actress Jannat Zubair

Social media influencers are always under the lens. How do you deal with trolls online?

Touchwood. I am not being trolled much on social media platforms but when it comes to dealing with trolls, it has to be accepted. Being a public figure I have to accept their criticism and move ahead in life rather than crib about it.

There are many who love me and admire me and there are few who have their opinion against me. I do not mind getting trolled on social media platforms.

Do you think the digital platform is much bigger than the silver screen? 

In past one year we have seen that the digital platform has grown at a fast pace. Everything is now digital so I think its much bigger than television. Today many people including celebrities have come on social media platforms. Even a kid nowadays is on TikTok and is making videos and people are enjoying it. In the coming years, the digital platform would be the largest entertainment platform in India.


Is there any daily routine in your life. How do you manage to make, edit and upload videos?

My every day is different. No fixed schedule as I have to attend events. I have just finished my HSC exams and I am working on my videos. Lip sync is not an easy task and every video we upload on social media platform requires a lot of effort.

I hate going to the gym and I do not follow any diet plan. I like to dance and this is how I keep myself fit. Also, we have to daily update our videos and keep the audience entertained so my day is never planned.

We have seen in a recent post about controversies surrounding TikTok stars. Your take on it. 

We have the power to influence our audience. People have loved us and with all kind of attention a TikTok star receives is huge. But we have to be very responsible while making videos and spread love instead of negative or wrong messages. We have the power so we should use it wisely.


Do you have any advice for budding TikTok users? 

I think today all the TikTok influencers are doing well. The effort which goes behind such videos is huge. People who want to indulge in making TikTok videos should bring good content and be creative. Making 20 second or 30-second video and uploading it is just not enough.

The content should be meaningful and it should be a continuous process so that people who have liked you will again get a chance to appreciate your talent. They should aim in a big way and should have a positive approach.


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