"I Can Light Up Dull Moment", Says "Bigg Boss 13" Contestant Abu Malik

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Oct 18, 2019

While most candidates have not figured out how to make any buzz, Abu Malik has been forced to bear trolls for barely existing in the scenes.

Bigg Boss 13 is good to go for another twofold removal this end of the week. One male and one female contender among Paras Chhabra, Asim Riaz, Abu Malik, Siddhartha Dey, Rashami Desai, and Mahira Sharma will exit the Salman Khan hosted appear.

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While most candidates have not figured out how to make any buzz, Abu Malik has been forced to bear trolls for barely existing in the scenes. In any case, for him, he is an ideal contender for Bigg Boss 13 and the offer came very late to him.

Before entering the show, the vocalist solely told entertainment portal, "Every one of my loved ones feel I am made for the show. As per them, I ought to have been on the show long back. I am a carefree man and they feel I will be truly engaging. I can undoubtedly illuminate any dull minute"

The most youthful among the melodic Malik siblings Anu and Daboo, Abu further shared, "I have pursued the seasons and consistently delighted in it. This is the reason I am not in the least apprehensive about my stretch. I will have a fabulous time, sing melodies and engage the housemates, yet also the group of spectators. I likewise have an entertaining bone in me, which will come to utilize, when we are secured in the house."

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In the past seasons, we have seen Akash Dadlani and Deepak Thakur create melodies around the show Bigg Boss. When inquired as to whether he intends to do likewise, Abu Malik stated, "I will do it. In any case, it will all come after I communicate with the individuals inside the house. I can create a tune without a moment's notice. I will do considerably more than simply sing as I have confidence in having a great time."

Expressing that he isn't terrified to be hollowed against the more well-known housemates, the performer stated, "I had been so occupied with my stage demonstrates that I didn't get an opportunity to check who all will be with me on the show. Be that as it may, I realize I can deal with them well and they will have an extraordinary time with me."

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For Abu Malik, communicating with host Salman Khan is a normal business as he stated, "He has been a companion for quite a long time. He likewise has a sharp eye and a skill to comprehend what an individual can be great at. I simply adore him and am eager to meet him in another symbol."

Bigg Boss 13 pretence Monday - Friday at 10:30 pm on Colors and 9 pm on ends of the week.


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