Hot Streamer Earned Rs 10 Crores After Three Days By Wearing Only Ribbons To Sell Adult Products

Salena Harshini |Sep 07, 2020

This streamer is definitely having a great time of her life after selling a whole lot of money by her sexy photos.

Society is increasingly developing, and the issue of sex education is also being considered to be more important than ever. Because of that, a lot of content on this topic also appear on YouTube and receive a lot of attention.

Especially recently, Zheng Jiachun - a streamer who is admired thanks to her straightforward personality, and above all, her super hot appearance has suddenly had a very “special” Livestream. Accordingly, instead of chitchatting with fans or consulting about love and gender as usual, the streamer shows off her extremely alluring images while also promoting adult toy products. The streamer literally made the viewers go wow with her activity.

Zheng 8
The hot girl has a unique way to promote her products

Recently, on her 27th birthday, she has made the best use of her Livestream to attract viewers and sharing new information about her adult products at the same time.

In detail, Zheng Jiachun said the cost of her product research and development (R&D) is huge and she hopes that fans can support her by buying the products.

The steamy streamer also brought forward irresistible promotion as she can be seen posing with only underpants and a ribbon wrapping around her bust.

Zheng 1
Zheng Jiachun and the adult toys that she sells

According to Zheng Jiachun, she made herself a gift and it is only a small part of the gift collection for the viewers who will buy the products that she introduced that day.

Her avatars definitely made eyes pop and fans were over the moon with this kind of gift. A lot of admirers have expressed their thrill towards Zheng. Some of them can be seen saying, “I want to open this gift immediately.”

Many have ordered the products sold by Zheng and only three days after the Livestream, she went online to thank her fans.

Only a ribbon, how risky is that?

She also revealed that she has earned a flabbergasting amount of 10 million RMB which is equivalent to around Rs 10.7 crores only after three days of selling.

In fact, Zheng Jiachun is not a strange name to a number of people as she has been able to create some viral images for herself before. Compared to this time of her showing up in only ribbons, her hot springs photos also created a storm and helped her go extremely viral in the past.

Check out some other photos of the sexy streamer here:

Zheng 4
The hot spring photos that went viral before
Zheng 5
No fans can get enough with this look
Zheng 6
She is famous for her sexy avatars

Zheng 7

While admirers have been cheering for her, some found her tricks impulsive and they are wondering when her channel would be reported from the platform. As ironic as it is, her Youtube channel is still alive and in fact, the number of followers is still increasing day by day.

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