Nia Sharma Oops Moment | Bold Dresses That May Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Hanima Anand |Aug 28, 2020

Nia knows her strength and flaunts it, but the overuse of low-waisted baggy pants and bold dresses sometimes turn the actress a victim of wardrobe malfunctions.

Nia Sharma is one of the most popular TV actresses in India, thanks to her natural acting and flawless body. Every time Nia Sharma is seen in front of the camera, either intentionally or accidentally, her sexy figure is always the hot topic of online discussion. However, having a curvaceous body brings some troubles to the actress due to her bold fashion style. The frequent use of baggy pants with low waist or backless dress design makes Nia Sharma prone to wardrobe malfunctions on the screen or as people often call Nia Sharma oops moment.

Nia Sharma Oops Moment
Nia Sharma is named the second sexiest Asian woman in 2017.

Today, in this post, we collect a series of Nia Sharma oops moments that may make your cheeks turn red when seeing. This article is not to criticize the actress for her bold fashion statements, we just want to highlight the super-hot figure of Nia Sharma even when she doesn’t intend to flaunt it.

Let’s see whether you agree with us or not.

Nia Sharma Oops Moment At Birthday Party
One time, she was overexcited in a birthday party and this happened.

Nia Sharma was born on September 17, 1990 as Neha Sharma but you should not mistake her for the emerging Bollywood actress Neha Sharma. Nia will have her 30th birthday this year but the actress looks youthful as of 10 years ago when she first joined the industry.

Nia Sharma had her television debut Kaali – Ek Agnipariksha in 2010 in the role of Anu, then she took charge of Manvi Chaudhary character in Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai.

A decade passed by, and Nia Sharma’s career is still thriving with more filming projects. She also participated in famous shows and web series to prove her versatile talents.

Nia Sharma Oops Moment At Jamai Raja Web Series
The actress met wardrobe malfunctions at a Zee5 event on the Jamai Raja 2.0 web series.

Two times in the history, Nia Sharma was ranked in Top 50 Sexiest Asian Women by Eastern Eye newspaper. Specifically, the Indian TV actress was in third place in 2016 and climbed to the second position one year later.

With her sizzling posture, Nia Sharma’s photoshoot often becomes viral on the Internet whenever it’s out. More surprisingly, her unintended photos, such as Nia Sharma oops moment like this even get more likes and shares because they reflect her real-life figure without photoshop or filter.

Nia Sharma Oops Moment At Press Event
The bold dress with backless design and high cut makes Nia unease in front of cameras.

Most recently, the journalist ViralBhayani also caught Nia Sharma in her casual outfits and she looked absolutely stunning in the low-waisted baggy pants and crop shirt. From her belly to her cleavage, everything looks flawless in original pictures.

Talking about her fashion sense, all have to admit Nia Sharma really knows how to combine clothes and accessories together. She often dons black and white attire to form simple but sexy monochrome sets. Other times, she opts for bold bikinis to highlight her curves.

Nia Sharma Oops Moment At Zee Gold Awards
The white transparent bottom part is the minus of the sophisticated dress.

The sexiest TV actress also has a small tattoo on her hand, resonating with her style and personality. You can check photos of Nia Sharma tattoo and biography in our previous post on the link.

Nia Sharma Oops Moment In Bikini
Nia Sharma does not hesitate to pose bold postures like this though.

Back to Nia Sharma oops moment, these photos couldn’t drag her down but confirm her status as one of the hottest Indian stars at the moment.

Nia Sharma Oops Moment When Drunk
The actress doesn't regret her drunk dance either.

In fact, not just Nia, many actresses and actors have encountered wardrobe malfunctions in front of the camera as well. While some just want readers to forget, some others get more attention from the incidents.

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