Bigg Boss Toughest Task Forces Rubina And Abhinav To Admit Their Divorce Intention

Hanima Anand |Nov 30, 2020

The couple broke down in tears as Rubina revealed that she and Abhinav were about to divorce when they registered for Bigg Boss 14. Read details below!

Only one more week and we will enjoy the finale of Bigg Boss 14. In the latest episode last weekend, fans were shocked when Pavitra Punia had to say goodbye to her housemates.

Pavitra Punia In Bigg Boss 14
Pavitra didn't get enough votes to get her name into the finale.

Though many other contestants had been nominated as well, Pavitra received the least votes so she was the one to be evicted. Eijaz Khan, who had a romantic date with Pavitra in the house, hugged her tight and kissed her on the cheek. Other participants in the show were also announced to prepare themselves for surprise eliminations prior to the finale.

Besides, it was leaked out that in today's episode, November 30, lots of secrets would be spilled out. To be specific, Rubina Dilaik and husband Abhinav Shukla unveiled their intention to get divorced when they signed the show.

Rubina And Abhinav In Bigg Boss 14
Rubina and Abhinav's marriage had a rough time during the lockdown.

As Bigg Boss introduces its latest task which seems to be the toughest ever, housemates will have to share a secret with the national TV audience that no one knows before. By doing this, they will have the chance to get the immunity stone during this sensitive period. And Rubina decided to speak it out.

Rubina Dilaik In Bigg Boss 14
Rubina feels relieved when she no longer hides a secret.

In the preview of Bigg Boss 14 by Colors TV, Rubina Diliak is heard saying that the biggest reason for her and husband Abhinav to join the Salman-Khan-host show was they had given each other time until November. They were about to get divorced before Bigg Boss, and if they hadn’t come to the show then they wouldn’t have been together at this moment.

Here’s the exact sharing of Rubina in the clip:

"Mere aur Abhinav ka sabse bada kaaran Bigg Boss karne ka yeh tha, humne ek dusre ko November tak ka time diya tha. We were about to get divorced. Agar dono yahaan saath nahi aaye hote toh shayad saath bhi nahi hote.”

Rubina In Bigg Boss 14
Strong as she always seems to be, Rubina had struggled to keep her marriage.

Immediately after she shares the truth, Rubina bursts into tears. Abhinav comes to console his wife while telling her that their marriage trouble would be flashed all over the media. However, Rubina tells him that she is glad that the truth is finally out.

Feeling bad that his dear family members and friends will get to know the news through TV screen, Abhinav can’t help crying as well.

However, let’s feel relieved when Rubina and Abhinav can finally work it out in their marriage. When the couple were asked about the news of their marriage trouble, Abhinav said that they had moved forward after the lockdown period which was stressful for everyone.

Rubina And Abhinav
Hope the show can help to heat up these lovebirds' romance.

For your information, Rubina and Abhinav got married in June 2018 after dating for over 3 years. We believe those minor difficulties would contribute to a better mutual understanding, and they would treasure their happiness more after overcoming Bigg Boss tasks together.

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