New Erotic Film "365 DNI" Is So Sexy, It Puts "Fifty Shades Of Grey" To Shame. VIDEO Inside!

Salena Harshini |Jun 11, 2020

The Polish erotic film is said to be graphic and sexy to the point that it makes its predecessor "Fifty Shades Of Grey" a PG movie. Check out video inside for more info!

The Polish series 365 DNI (transl. 365 Days)which recently graced the giant streaming platform in the US and UK has many voyeurisms, BDSM, and kinky lovemaking scenes. They are so vivid and detailed that the viewers thought the actors were having sex for real.

365 Dni Poster
The new Polish film is creating a storm with its hotness

When the steamy film first hit Netflix, the audience was quick to comment that it was better compared to Fifty Shades of Prey, which was also made based on a book.

For the uninitiated, 365 DNI is adapted from the erotic novel of the same title of Blanka Lipińska, claiming to focus on a “ fiery executive in a spiritless relationship".

Laura Biel, played by Anna Maria Sieklucka, is a successful hotel sales director in Poland, while young heartthrob Massimo Torricelli, played by Michele Morrone, is the leader of Sicilian mafia after his father's assassination.

365 Dni
"365 DNI" contains graphic BDSM, kinky sex scenes
365 Days
One of the scenes that would make the viewers blush

In an attempt to save her broken marriage, Laura goes to Sicily for a birthday trip, but things take a surprising turn when Massimo kidnaps her and keeps her in his villa. He gives her an ultimate task – to fall in love with him within a year.

On their journey, the two engage in a lot of erotic romps in various spots, including a boat.

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365 Sni Vs 50 Shades
And Twitteratis have something to say about this movie

As viewers rushed to point out that the sex scenes in 365 DNI are much more graphic than those in the Fifty Shades movies, they also commented that the protagonists’ relationship is based on harassment and coercion.

A Twitterati posted,

"Sure the sex scenes are great and very intimate, but all of those happened after a few sexual harassment and uncomfortable scenarios.  I mean - stop comparing it to Fifty Shades of Grey."

Meanwhile, another user on the sphere made a comparison,

"Clearly, Fifty Shades of Grey stated that Grey was under a mental instability and Massimo was never considered problematic in the film, despite his anger issues."

50 Shades Of Grey
"Fifty Shades of Grey" is also famous for its sexual scenes
50 Shades
But some say it is nothing compared to "365 DNI"

However, there are others who enjoyed those hot scenes, saying that they were sweating watching it.

Multiple watchers were convinced that these racy sex scenes were so real because the actors have amazing chemistry.

However, some declared that the acts between a kidnapper and his victim were “romanticizing Stockholm Syndrome".

365 Dni 1
Is this film really romanticizing Stockholm Syndrome?

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We will let that up to your opinions when you have watched 365 DNI.


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