Woman Experiences 9 Minute In Heaven While Having Surgery

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 11, 2021

This woman experiences real heaven in a life-threatening situation and the encounter of God has turned her into a new page of life!

A woman who suffered a life-threatening surgical situation claimed that she went to heaven and met God in a few minutes. The divine encounter has empowered her and changed her life forever.

Crystal McVeigh, a 29 year-old woman living in the US, confessed that she had encountered God during a surgery a few months ago.

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Crystal McVeigh was in a dangerous situation in surgery and had an amazing encounter with God

She didn’t believe in God at first

In fact, the unlucky woman had a miserable experience in the past that she didn’t believe in God when she was a kid. She always thought that she was a forgotten child of God and a broken, d.i.s.g.u.s.t.i.n.g creature. However, as a poor little girl, Crystal continued to suffer from the outrageous pain one more time when she was 12. That incident completely ruined her life and so did the faith in God. She blamed Him for not saving and protecting her and didn’t believe in God anymore.

Crystal’s adolescence was a dark time of going down and down that he hit the rock bottom and was unable to pick up herself together. She got married to her boyfriend as she was pregnant at the age of 17. They welcomed another kid later but finally broke up when she was only 21. Crystal walked away from her first marriage with two kids, completely broken.

It was not until 7 years later that she decided to move on with her new husband and gave birth to a twin. When the young woman felt like she had suffered enough and now was the time for her to breathe a sigh of relief, life, once again, hit so hard that it was a new twist and turn for Crystal.

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Crystal and her mother and brother when she was 8 years old

A life-changing encounter

Months after giving birth to the twin, Crystal was diagnosed with a serious health issue that she had to undergo major surgery. In the middle of the surgery, Crystal was unconscious and the team tried hard to bring her back. When the woman was revived, she claimed that she took a visit to heaven.

According to Crystal, she remembered that she said goodbye to her mother and traveled through a dark tunnel. It was a blinding light at the end of the tunnel that soak around her and made her feel peaceful and relieved. She also noticed the presence of God although the light made it hard for her to see him clearly.

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The meeting with God changed her life forever

She asked him why He didn’t love and protect her and let her suffer from bad things from time to time. And his answer has changed her life forever.

“And He allowed me to look through His eyes and to see the truth. And the truth set me free,” said Crystal.

At that moment, all of her doubts about the existence of God and His love faded away.

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