Indian Couple Kicked Out Of Village As They Refuse To “Leave Jesus”

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 06, 2021

The Indian couple was locked out of their own house while their belongings were thrown onto the street, just because of their faith in God!

It was back in 2020 that the Indian man called Japa Padiami and his wife were enlightened by Jesus. After being preached by the missionaries who passed by their village, the couple started developing strong faith and belief in the Son of God and there is no way back even when they are threatened to leave the residence. Keep scrolling down for the inspirational story below!

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The blessed couple was someone the lucky one who was exposed to the truth of salvation through Jesus. However, being a Christian in India, where most of the population are Hinduism is a challenge to the couple. In fact, the pair encounter a strong backlash from their village as people discover the truth.

A meeting against the Christian couple has been held by the chief of the village. According to him, the pair need to renounce their faith. Otherwise, Japa Padiami and his wife will have to leave the village.

As the couple rejected the order, they faced harassment and even attacks from the villagers. However, they have never given on their faith even in a second of thought.

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A Christian couple in India was forced to leave their house for not giving up on Jesus

Another meeting was held a few days after the first one where the villagers came up with the final decision for Jaga's family. Given the fact that the couple encountered strong and serious over the past day, everyone expected them to give up. However, it was Jaga’s bold statement that left everyone numb.

“Even though you will drive me out of the village, I will not leave Jesus Christ,” said Jaga.

After all, the two normal human beings cannot fight against the whole village. They were locked out of their own house while their belongings were thrown onto the street. They had to rent a house in another village to live in. Although the police were informed about the case, no action has been taken yet.

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