Woman Finds Out Boyfriend Being Unfaithful By Buying T-Shirt Online

Salena Harshini |Mar 15, 2021

A post has gone viral on Instagram after sharing an exchange between two women - after one of them noticed an odd detail in a photograph.

A woman’s story has made headlines after it was spread among netizens. In a surprising turn of events, she happened to find out that her boyfriend was unfaithful.

Finding her partner cheating buy online purchasing

The woman, whose identity remains anonymous, shared her conversation with viral Instagram account Depop Drama. For the unknown, the handle shows exchanges on the resale site.

The account has about 575k followers, most of whom were astonished at the lady’s detective story.

Cheating On Phone
Sherlock Holmes may have to take his hat off for this lady.

In the opening notes, she asked the seller,

"Hey, weird question but do you know someone called [name cropped out.]"

After that seller confirmed to know him, the lady asked whether the picture featuring the on-sale shirt was pictured in their bedroom.

Then, the clueless seller admitted as they answered,

"Yeh, it was because I left my stuff at his. Why do you ask? Do you know him?"

Woman Discovers Boyfriend Cheating
Whether this story is real or not, it was fun to read.

The downhearted purchaser replied after the message from the seller, "YES I know him, he's my boyfriend!!! Why were you even at his??"

However, seeing how upset the woman is, the seller seemed to keep her head more on her business. Not missing out on her selling opportunity, she still asked,

"Omg babe, I'm so sorry I didn't know! You still interested in the top tho? xx"

Woman Discovers Boyfriend Cheating 2

Who in the world would be interested in buying anything at that point, right? Without a doubt, the woman showed her disinterest by replying,

"No, I'm not f****** interested in the top."

The post went crazy viral

The story gathered more likes than most of the other posts on the social media handle. As of now, it has had more than 83k likes and 1,6k comments.

Many people were impressed by how the seller still wanted to sell the top after the random revelation.

One user said, "Bahahah the "do you still want the top" got me good."

Unfaithful Partners
The lesson is, no one can get away with cheating on their partner.

Another said that the woman who discovered the infidelity should be angry at her boyfriend instead.

This account often posts hilarious screenshots of conversations between the sellers and buyers. This story of the lady having the worst discovery of her life has been featured on quite a lot of magazines.

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