Woman Fights Off Bear With A Laptop, Survives Like A Champ

Salena Harshini |Mar 05, 2021

New weapon unlocked! A Southern California teen had a rude awakening when an outdoor nap turned into a bear attack.

One can do anything they did not expect they are capable of when they are at risk. The case of this woman fights bear is an example for that fact.

In fact, the Southern California girl survived the bear attack with the only tool she had at that moment: a laptop.

Woman fights bear, who thought?

The 19-year-old unidentified girl lives in the Sierra Madre, about 20 miles from Los Angeles. She was having a nap in a chair in her backyard when a black bear showed up and struck her. It also scratched her legs, arms and bit her.

Woman Fights Bear
Who thought a woman could fight off a bear with that weapon?

According to reports, as the woman was being attacked, she grabbed a laptop nearby and smacked the black bear with it.

California Fish and Wildlife Capt. Patrick Foy said, "She managed to break free of the bear enough to run back inside."

Also, she had some minor injuries on her legs and arm and none of them is life-threatening. Foy explained that the attack was "100% unprovoked."

California Woman Fights Bear Place
The area where the young woman had the most unforgettable encounter in her life.

In fact, the foothills of San Gabriel Valley are not commonplace for bears. However, unprovoked attacks are rare as per Wise About Bears.

When an individual finds themselves in an attack from a bear, Foy said that "the unequivocal answer in California is to fight back."

Woman Fights Bear 1
Not everyone can survive the claws of a bear.

Moreover, he said the option to play possum only works if it is a grizzly bear. It does not live in the above state, though.

The bear hunt

After the incident, DNA swabs from the girl’s wounds were taken to be analyzed in a forensics lab. It is said that analysis gave the officers the full DNA profile on the next day.

Quickly after that, wildlife officials captured two bears in the vicinity. Although they analyzed their DNA, neither matched the offending bear’s profile. Both of them would be released in the “nearest suitable habitat”.

Black Bear
The woman fights bear article made a lot of eyes wide open.

Reports are they were taken into the Angeles National Forest which is around 25 miles away from the place they were caught.

Meanwhile, the black bear that attacked the girl is nowhere to be seem. When it slides in the officials’ sight, the bear will be put under animal euthanasia.
For the unknown, California only has black bears although some may be brown. Wild grizzly bears are not one of them.

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