Woman Got Breast Exposed While Stealing Package Delivery In Houston

Salena Harshini |Mar 15, 2021

The video captured the moment a woman's shirt fell off to reveal her chest as she stole a parcel in front of a stranger's door in daylight.

You will find an infinity of events on the Internet that can bewilder you anytime. For instance, this video of a package stealer and her instant karma would catch anyone’s attention.

Woman suffered from a wardrobe malfunction on her 'mission'

A video posted by a journalist went viral for its randomness. The security video was actually CCTV footage from a house in Texas, Houston and it recorded a woman’s moment of shame.

A lady was walking towards a doorstep and flashed to it to steal a package. However, on her “mission”, a minor wardrobe malfunction happened to the said lady.

Houston Woman Steal Delivery
She ran to take the delivery package and ran away with the parking vehicle.

The reporter shared the video on her Twitter account and captioned it,

"Package thieves will usually stop at nothing to claim their prize. For this woman, even losing her top did NOT slow her down."

The unidentified woman did not know that her top was falling off and revealed her breasts when she did the stealing. Even when she ran away, she still did not know the instant karma. Apart from that, the woman even thought that the camera would not catch her as she fled from the scene.

As per Fox News, the package that got lifted was a dress from Nordstrom, an American luxury department store brand.

Houston Woman Steal Delivery Wardrobe Malfunction
Her breast popped out when the woman sprinted to steal the delivery package.

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The hilarious video went viral on many social platforms

Well, luck didn’t turn victorious in the sprint this time. For the unknown, this security footage was passed on via many social media platforms, consisting of Twitter. In fact, the wardrobe malfunction clip has collected thousands of views along with a plethora and retweets.

Stealing Delivery Packpages
There are many cases of package stealing as they often put the delivery on the doorstep.

Since it surfaced on the Internet, the buzz was puzzled over how this happened. S number of users made inappropriate and untoward comments about the same.

Talking to the news organization, a police officer from the Harris County Precinct 1 made a confession. He said that the robbery was unusual indeed. He said,

"We're still investigating, and hopefully we'll be able to potentially get her into custody."

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