Indian Man Stood By A Pillar For 7 Hours Having A Snake In His Pants

Salena Harshini |Mar 01, 2021

The man managed to stay at the same spot without moving to ensure that the snake did not bite him.

The mention of a snake can make many squeamish in fear. Having one of them in your vicinity is frightening enough. But Imagine finding a whole cobra in your very pants, will you be able to survive?

This man either is the calmest man in the world or has the best luck given by his ancestors. In detail, a man from Uttar Pradesh, India woke up just to see a cobra already crawled into his pants. The story of cobra in man's pants made storms all over the world. See how he dealt with the deathly situation.

cobra in man's pants
The cobra in man's pants video was viral on many platforms.

A cobra in man's pants

We would not have known how to react to this situation. However, the man decided to stand still while holding onto a pole before others removed the snake. The one-of-a-kind incident took place in Sikandarpur village where a group of laborers was working to install electrical wires and poles.

After having dinner, the workers all went to sleep. Lovekesh Kumar was also sleeping when the dangerous snake slid into his pants at midnight.

Cobra In Mans Pants Starbiz
They called him a brave soul for dealing with the situation quite calmly.

When the man realized a cobra had been present in his pants, Lovekesh stood up at that spot to make sure he did not get bitten.

The poor man stood there for seven hours with the support from a pillar. By morning, locals managed to call for a snake catcher. As the news was passed on around the place, many locals along with police officials and village authorities gathered there.

In the end, the snake catcher carefully opened his pants and freed both Lovekesh Kumar and the cobra.

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The video made a tizzy online

A video of the rescue surfaced online and made many heads turn. The footage displays the snake captor cutting Kumar's pants open while the victim stood taking the support of the beside pillar.

It was a big fortune that the snake did not bite him. Here is what some of the Internet users had to say:

Cobra In Mans Pants

Cobra In Mans Pants Netizens React

For the unknown, it is not the first time a snake crawled into a person's clothes. The year before, a male was paying a visit to a patient at a government hospital in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. He was having a peaceful nap on the floor on the premises of the hospital. However, a snake took refuge in his shirt. Luckily, wildlife rescue officials arrived at the place and freed him from the snake.

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