Woman (72) Becomes One Of The Oldest First-Time Mothers In The World

Leela Adwani |Mar 16, 2021

“Money does not matter to me. I wanted my own child at any cost and today I am a mother," the 72-year-old woman said.

Embracing motherhood and welcoming babies can be one of the most magical and amazing experiences that we can have. However, having a baby turns out to be a dream of many couples. Recently, a 72-year-old woman has become a mom at the age that her friends already have grandchildren.

The Senior Couple And Their Son
The couple welcomed their first child at the age of 72

The wish of having a baby of a senior couple

Recently, an Indian couple who had been struggling to start a family made headlines for their baby arrival. After many years of failing to get pregnant naturally, the couple decided to get IVF treatments as they really hoped to conceive a child. The cost is not a big matter for them, no matter how expensive it is, they will accept as long as they can have a baby.

The Senior Couple And Their Son 2
They use IVF treatment to have a baby

The process

The woman, Daljinder has been married for more than 50 years. She and her husband had tried several times but couldn’t have a baby.

However, the couple has never given up on hope as they then looked into IVF treatments. Even though the clinic they chose was quite skeptical at first, the woman was so persistent still.

The Baby Boy
The woman delivered the baby naturally.

The cost is reportedly around $12k dollars. In an interview, she talked about her decision:

“Money does not matter to me. I wanted my own child at any cost and today I am a mother.”

Finally, the effort, the persistence, and especially the cost were worth the wait. Daljinder officially delivered their first son Arman when she was 72 years old. It made her become one of the oldest first-time moms in the world.

She also delievered her child naturally and can b.r.e.a.s.t.f.e.e.d the baby boy.

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