Mother Of Three Was Devastated When None Of Kids Matched Her DNA

Hanima Anand |Mar 24, 2021

The woman knew she gave birth to all of her kids and the test even said her boyfriend was their father. The result showed she had a relation with the children but definitely not their mom.

The story of Lydia Fairchild would have remained a forever mystery without the help of modern medical technology and research.

The doomed day of Lydia Fairchild

Lydia Fairchild was a mother of two in 2002 when she was also expecting her third baby. Because she had separated from her ex-partner and then was unemployed, Lydia applied for government aid in Washington for her 3 kids.

Lydia Fairchild With Her Kids 1
Lydia Fairchild with her kids some years after the incident.

The process required Lydia and her ex-boyfriend to take DNA tests to prove that they were the biological parents of 3 children. The couple took it for granted that the test was just a compulsory step to finish the application, without thinking about the result.

However, when the test reports came, they showed that her ex-boyfriend was the father of 3 kids but Lydia was not their mother.

Shocked by the result, Lydia was even called to the Social Services office to answer questions whether she was a criminal suspect because she was not the mother of all her children. The woman said it was impossible because she gave birth to them. But the officer insisted the DNA test was 100% foolproof.

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Lydia Fairchild
Lydia cried in an interview when sharing her ordeal

The journey to claim back her motherhood

When she came home, Lydia retrieved all the photos of her pregnancies, deliveries, and her kids’ birth certificates. Her mother initially thought she was joking but Lydia burst into tears. Her obstetrician also agreed to testify in court that Lydia gave birth to the kids.

These attempts didn’t prove successful. Lydia was not granted government aid, but she also faced a court to prove her relationship with the children.

More DNA tests were ordered but none of them supported Lydia’s claim.

Lydia Fairchild With Her Kid 2
She found all the photos in the past that could prove her motherhood, but DNA tests kept showing no relation.

Luckily, Lydia found an attorney to help her, Alan Tindell.

The truth unveiled

Lydia’s attorney Alan Tindell would never forget a unique case he met prior to the time he agreed to help Lydia. He remembered a woman in Boston named Karen Keegan.

When Karen needed an organ transplant, all of her children volunteered to test whether their blood matches. Surprisingly, none of them matched Karen’s DNA.

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Doctors in the hospital then took DNA swabs in many parts of Karen’s body. While most of the tests didn’t match, the DNA sample taken from a thyroid nodule of Karen showed a matching result.

This is called “chimerism” or hidden twins. This means when Karen was still developing inside her mother’s uterus, she shared it with another fertilized egg. The two eggs then joined and the DNA from one egg would remain parts of the other body. This DNA could be passed on to Karen’s children.

Lydia Fairchild Family
Lydia and her boyfriend with their kids

When Alan Tindell reported Lydia’s chimerism to Washington court, authorities didn’t totally trust him. They agreed to postpone the judgment until Lydia delivered her third child so they could confirm the theory.

As expected, Lydia gave birth to her third kid and the baby didn’t match her DNA either. The court agreed that Lydia had chimerism and granted Lydia the government aid.

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