Woman Didn’t Know She Is A Man After Getting Married And Trying To Get Pregnant

Leela Adwani |Mar 15, 2021

Recently, a married woman from China has found out that she is a biological man.

Life is full of expected things and some are even beyond bearing. Recently, a married woman from China has found out that she is a biological man.

The doctors informed that the young woman has the male Y chromosome

The 25-year-old woman was trying to get pregnant for one year but always failed to have a baby. Even though she still has female g.e.n.i.t_l organs and lives the life of a woman as well, she actually has the male Y chromosome.

Woman In Period
The woman didn't know she was born a man until her ankle got injured.

The sh_cking discovery came after she did an X-ray as her ankle got injured. The result also turns out to be a convincing explanation of why the woman had never had a period. As a result, she couldn’t get pregnant.

According to her doctor, her condition has a scientific name called “46 XY disorder of sexual development.” People who have male chromosomes will have underdeveloped, ambiguous, or in some cases, missing genit_l organs.

Pregnant Woman
She wasn't able to get pregnant during one year

Back to the case of the Chinese woman, she had female organs and that’s why she hadn’t questioned anything about her s.*.x.  She also didn’t care why she hadn’t menstru.a.t.e.d ever.

She is reconsidering her real gender identity

The doctors informed that the woman didn’t have o.v.a.r.i.e.s or u.t.e.r.u.s. That explained why her effort during 12 months finally ended in the whole family’s disappointment.

Period Pain
She had never experienced period pain.

A doctor in the hospital told the local news portal that she is currently mulling her life in the future. He further added that his patient is even reconsidering gender identity.

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