Indian High Commission Officials Assaulted In Pakistan Custody, Accused Of ‘Hit And Run Accident’

Hanima Anand |Jun 16, 2020

Latest reports are out! The two Indian High Commission officials who allegedly went missing yesterday were actually arrested by Pakistan police and attacked in custody.

The reports came as a shock to Indian High Commission in Islamabad when the reportedly missing officials were assaulted in Pakistan police custody after being accused of carrying fake currency, reckless driving and hit-and-run accident.

The two officials left Indian High Commission building for an official duty but couldn’t reach their destination. They were unable to be contacted the entire morning, forcing the Indian government to reach Pakistan side for more information.

Turned out the two missing officials were arrested by Pakistani police!

According to Pakistan authorities, the two Indian High Commission officials were captured for rash driving. They were claimed to hit a pedestrian and even carrying fake currency at that time.

Talking about their physical injuries, Pakistan said it was a mob attack when seeing Indian officials fleeing from the accident scene and didn’t give further information on the incident.

However, Indian officials confirmed they were assaulted by Islamabad police. Their duty car from Indian High Commission was also damaged after being taken by the Pakistan police force. Medical staff will help examine the health condition of Indian officials before taking any further action.

Pakistan authorities refuse what their police did to Indian officials.

What’s more, Pakistan police in Islamabad have issued a First Information Report against our two officials and charged them PKR 10,000 each for carrying fake currency.

However, the document proves useless when it was made 6 hours after the time CISF officials were reported to be missing. It didn’t indicate the name of supposedly involved pedestrian, any eyewitness or related information around the accident.

More seriously, Pakistan mass media also broadcast the news two Indian officials in a BMW car had been arrested for hitting a pedestrian, leaving him injured and attempting to flee from the spot.

After India summoned Pakistan charge d’affaires in Delhi as well as show strong disapproval of the incident with Pakistan Foreign Office, the two officials were released with their car in the evening.

It's ridiculous the two commission officials were accused of hit and run accident.

Indian government shows strong protest against any harassment or interrogation towards Indian officials who are working in Pakistan. Pakistani authorities should have the responsibility of ensuring safety for these officials as regulated in international laws.

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