Google Deletes ‘Remove China Apps’ By Jaipur Developers

Hanima Anand |Jun 03, 2020

The viral ‘Remove China Apps’ application developed by Jaipur patriots have been deleted from Google Play. The company hasn’t stated reasons why it did this.

In response to the call of boycotting Chinese products emerging online, Jaipur developers have launched ‘Remove China Apps’ and made it free on Google Play. The application soon went viral on the Internet, attracting over 50 lakh downloads within a very short time.

However, Google has silently removed the app while no reasonable explanation was given. A Google spokesman just told Reuters that ‘Remove China Apps’ violated app store policies but didn’t state details.

Remove Chinese Apps App
An app to help remove China apps, does it make sense to you?

How ‘Remove China Apps’ works

The application was launched for ‘educational purposes’ in which users would be informed the origin of an app whenever it’s installed in their phones. Accordingly, they would know whether an app was developed by Chinese people or not to delete it.

The two most popular Chinese apps falling victims to ‘Remove China App’ are TikTok and Alibaba’s UC Browser. After users remove these apps from their phones, a message would pop up and give compliments:

“You are awesome, no China app found.”

Made-in-India Mitron removed earlier

Before ‘Remove China App’, the made-in-India version of TikTok named Mitron also experienced the same fate. It was taken down by Google after 5 million downloads.

However, the reason for the removal of Mitron was stated clearly. It was a replica of TicTic app by Pakistan.

Mitron App
The desire to replace TikTok with Indian made Mitron fails after its removal.

Reviews for TikTok also taken down

Another recent movement from Google that evokes controversies is the mass removal of TikTok reviews by Indian users.

Over 8 million reviews from Google have been taken down, thereby increasing rates of TikTok on Google Play from 1.3 stars to 4 stars overnight.

Tiktok China App
The mass removal of 8 million reviews increases TikTok star rating from 1 to 4.

These actions from Google are causing anger among Indian netizens who question the relation between this company and Chinese government.

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