Cow Urine Drinking Parties Emerge, Vendor Sells Cow Dung & Urine For Rs 500 Per Litre

Hanima Anand |Mar 17, 2020

Indian people are holding cow urine drinking party to protect themselves from coronavirus and these vendors grab the chance! Rs. 500 per litre of cow urine!

With the trend of drinking cow urine among Hindu groups across India, a vendor named Mabud Ali on the National Highway 19 which links Delhi and Kolkata has sold Rs 500 for a litre of cow urine and the same price for a kilo of cow dung.

Collecting Cow Urine In India
Vendors can now sell cow urine besides cow milk.

Many other milk vendors have also switched their business to selling cow urine and dung at these extortionate price tags, explaining that these materials can protect the community from the deadly coronavirus.

To promote the products, vendors put up big posters saying “Drink cow urine and ward off coronavirus.” Most stalls increase their prices for these goods but the price can range from Rs 300 to Rs 500 per litre or kilo respectively, based on the bargains from buyers as well.

Cow Urine Hand Sanitizer
Some even use cow urine to produce hand sanitizer!

This phenomenon takes place along with the trend of drinking cow urine and bathing in cow dung to boost human immunity against Sars-coV 2.

After some members of the Hindu nationalist party which PM Narendra Modi belongs to claim that cow urine and dung can cure coronavirus, a number of Hindu activists in India have hosted loud parties to promote drinking cow urine.

Hindi Cow Urine Drinking Party
A cow urine drinking party by Hindu activists

To be specific, on Saturday in New Delhi, the chief of All India Hindu Union has hosted a cow urine drinking event to help members ward off the Sars-coV 2 which is causing thousand deaths in the world.

While many consider it an unhygienic practice, these Hindu practitioners think this event is sacred and can really prevent them from infecting the virus.

Talking about the activity, some leaders of the party state that they have been drinking cow urine for 21 years and they also bathe in cow dung for medical treatments. They don’t need to take English medicine to ward off the virus.

Reacting to the news, experts have warned people of this traditional medicinal method that there is no scientific proof this can help cure illnesses such as Covid-19 (coronavirus) or even cancer.

They also affirm that cow urine and dung are nothing more than waste material and there isn’t any test that has ever validated their benefits for human health.

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