US President Election 2020: South Indian Village Celebrates Kamala Harris’ Record Victory

Hanima Anand |Nov 09, 2020

The Thulasendrapuram village in the South India is setting off firecrackers to celebrate the victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the US President Election 2020. They call Kamala as the village’s daughter.

The last two days must be the happiest weekend of the US President-elect Joe Biden and his companion Kamala Harris as they are announced to become the next leaders of America in January, 2021. The waves of celebration are not limited in the USA only, but spreading to other countries including India.

South Indian Celebrate Kamala Harris Victory 1
Wishes for Kamala Harris are seen on every street in the village.

After hearing the news, the entire Thulasendrapuram village in the South India has celebrated with firecrackers and prayers on every corner of the neighborhood.

South Indian Celebrate Kamala Harris Victory 2
People set up firecrackers in celebration of their daughter's victory.

This is where the grandfather of Kamala Harris, the US Vice President-elect, was born and raised before moving to Chennai decades ago. Kamala’s mother, was also born in India but then moved to the US for her university degree. She got married to a Jamaican man and named their daughter Kamala Harris, which means lotus flower in Sanskrit.

South Indian Celebrate Kamala Harris Victory 3
Free flowers and Indian sweets are offered during the celebration.

To 350 people in Thulasendrapuram, Kamala Harris is the pride and daughter of the village. She is in fact the first south Asian descent to be elected to this privileged position. Kamala is also the very first woman to be the US Vice-President.

South Indian Celebrate Kamala Harris Victory 4
Residents gather at the village temple to pray for the Vice-President-elect.

A village resident shares her happiness when waking up to the news. She said during the time votes were counted, they kept their fingers crossed for the inspiring woman who made India proud. Villagers are now celebrating the result, distributing sweets to all people as well as praying in the temple. They would also send a request to Kamala Harris that she would visit the village someday.

South Indian Celebrate Kamala Harris Victory 5
Women in the village happily offer sweets to all people.
South Indian Celebrate Kamala Harris Victory 6
This might be their happiest days during the dramatic year 2020.
South Indian Celebrate Kamala Harris Victory 7
Even children could feel the joy and pride of the US election result.

Back to the US President Election 2020, Joe Biden had a big win over Donald Trump with 290 electoral votes in total. He will take the oath of US President in January, 2021. Accordingly, Joe Biden’s companion Kamala Harris will become the next US Vice President.

Joe Biden And Kamala Harris
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris celebrating the result

Joe Biden was born on 20 November, 1942. He used to serve as the US Vice President under the administration of President Barack Obama in two terms from 2009 to 2017.

Kamala Harris was born on 20 October, 1964 in California. Her mother was born in Tamil Nadu and moved to the US in 1958. Her father came to America in 1961 from British Jamaica to study economics. Her parents met each other at the University of California, Berkeley.

Kamala Harris Grandfather
A rare photo of Kamala Harris with her grandparents and relatives in India.

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