What Is Birther Conspiracy? Why Donald Trump Using It Against Kamala Harris?

Hanima Anand |Aug 14, 2020

This is not the first time the birther conspiracy is fueled around the US President election. It’s used against Barack Obama and now comes back to attack Kamala Harris.

The race for the President of the US is becoming more heated with the information of Kamala Harris chosen for the Vice President run. Kamala is the very first woman of colour to be selected for this position in history.

Kamala Harris And Birther Conspiracy
Kamala Harris is believed to cement the strength of Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has just fueled the conspiracy that Kamala is not eligible for the Vice Presidency for not meeting the requirements. He said he heard the news from a highly qualified lawyer that:

“I heart it today that she doesn’t meet the requirements, I have no idea if that’s right. I would have assumed that the Democrats would have checked that out before she gets chosen to run for vice president.”

Though he hasn’t stated it clearly which requirement she may not meet, people immediately relate to his past remarks on the former President Barack Obama with the birther conspiracy.

Kamala Harris Vs Donald Trump
President Donald Trump is seen encouraging the racist conspiracy against Kamala Harris.

What is birther conspiracy?

Birther conspiracy often appears in the election campaign of US President candidates when a person is assumed to not have been born in the US.

Birther theorists, also known as fringe theorists, would declare a person ineligible for the presidency run, fueling doubts over his or her US citizenship and birth certificate.

Past victim of birther conspiracy

The most well-known victim of birther conspiracy is the former US President Barack Obama. When he was heading for the White House owner position, many birther theorists, including Donald Trump, questioned his birthplace and citizenship.

Donald Trump And Barack Obama
The former US President Barack Obama used to be a victim of birther Donald Trump.

Even when Barack Obama’s birth certificate was published, birther theorists claim it’s forgery and insisted that his birthplace was Kenya, not Hawaii. Some people even deprived Barack Obama of his US citizenship after alleging he had become a citizen of Indonesia when he was a child. Meanwhile, several others said he was a dual citizen of Britain and America, so he was not a natural-born US resident.

In 2008, despite the release of Barack Obama’s official birth documents by Hawaii Department of Health, the birther theory persists. In 2010, a quarter of American adults surveyed said they doubted Barack Obama’s US citizenship but the number decreased to 13% in 2011 after his long-form birth certificate and contemporaneous birth announcements in Hawaii newspapers were published.

Barack Obama And Birther Theories
Barack Obama's birth certificate in the eyes of a birther.

Why is Donald Trump using birther conspiracy against Kamala Harris?

California-based Senator Kamala Harris is the very first coloured female to be chosen for Vice Presidency run, so she could garner support from feminists and people of colour in general. Contrary to Donald Trump’s scandals over women rights, Kamala Harris probably has an advantage.

In the meantime when Kamala Harris’s strategy hasn’t been revealed much, it’s likely that Donald Trump’s birther conspiracy may reduce the public support for this senator.

Kamala Harris
Senator Kamala Harris is expected to win support from women and color people.

Reacting to Trump’s assumption, the spokesperson of Joe Biden quickly dismissed the rumors. He straightly referred to Trump as “the national leader of the grotesque, racist birther movement.” Andrew Bates also mentioned the case of Barack Obama as a victim of Donald Trump’s disrespect. He concludes by saying Trump “has sought to fuel racism and tear [the US] apart on every single day of his presidency.”

According to official reports, Kamala Harris was born in California and totally qualifies for the job.

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