6.7 Million Sperm Samples To Be Sent To The Moon For A Massive Repopulation Plan

Hanima Anand |Mar 15, 2021

Scientists are proposing the unprecedented plan for repopulation on the Moon, starting with a sperm bank beneath its surface.

According to New York Post, 6.7 million sperm samples of the Earth’s species would be packaged and sent to the Moon in the repopulation plan by scientists. Human sperms are, of course, included in the proposal.

Sperm Bank On The Moon 1
Scientists proposed a sperm bank on the moon last Saturday.

Humans need to prepare for a repopulation plan

To be specific, mechanical engineers call this plan a “modern global insurance policy” where people store reproductive cells on the Moon for a repopulation scenario. They propose that the bank would perfectly lie beneath the moon’s surface for protection.

Scientists reason that the Earth proves unstable with frequent natural disasters as well as faces potential nuclear wars which might put an end to human life.

Natural Disaster On Earth
The Earth's instability forces scientists to think of a repopulation plan.

Human beings, therefore, must look further and preserve life for space travel to other planets in the universe. Below is the proposed design of the “pits” under the moon’s surface where the sperm bank would locate.

Sperm Bank On The Moon 2
The design of sperm space on the Moon

Scientists at the annual conference of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Aerospace believe this solution could avoid the extinction of many earth species. They are positive about technology advances which can reintroduce human and other species to the Moon’s environment someday.

How we will do it

In fact, scientists have collected more than 990,000 unique samples of plant seeds to send to the ark on the Moon. They are convincing stakeholders about the sperm bank which will need 250 rocket launches to finish the transportation of 6.7 million samples.

According to the engineers, this statistic is surprisingly “not crazy big” as they may expect.

Rocket Launch To The Moon
Engineers were a bit surprised when they only need 250 rocket launches for the mission.

Regarding the construction of pits on the Moon, these structures will go down from 80 to 100 meters underground to protect the samples from “major temperature swings” or meteorites. They could also deter any attempt from human devices.

Scientists seem to be in a rush for this plan because they found that rapid losses took place in recent decades. There is also a drop in human diversity along with the alarming fact of endangered flora and fauna.

Not sure whether stakeholders would pass through this plan or not, but it does remind people of a possible apocalypse era where the Earth would be no longer our home.

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