The World’s Smallest Baby Is Only 23cm Length

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 25, 2021

The inspiring story of Saybie doesn't only prove how advanced medical technology is but also shows how miraculous it is for a tiny baby to fight for her own life.

Normally, a baby will live inside the mother’s body for more than 9 months before being discharged. However, baby Saybie was born when she was just more than 4 months old. Along with her parents, doctors, and nurse, the little baby made a miracle and became the world's smallest premature baby alive. Keep scrolling down for her story!

Baby Saybie Small
Baby Sabie is holding the world record as the smallest Saybie to be born alive as she was born at the 23rd week of gestation

A baby with the size of an apple

When Saybia’s mother was carrying her in the 23rd gestation, she suffered from a rare and risky situation that increased her blood pressure and the baby’s life was also put at risk. At the moment, the doctor decided to carry out a C-section and the little girl was born weighing 252g.

Right after being delivered, the doctors tried their best to protect and nurture the baby under strict medical supervision. Although the chance of surviving is rare and no only believe she is going to survive for long, the tiny baby leaves every by surprise for showing her resilience.

She receives intense treatment for more than 6 months to reach the size of a normal newborn

According to the doctor, the baby shows no sign of medical issues which are likely to occur in micro-preemies (babies who are born before week 28). However, it still took the baby 1 month to gain her first pound (450g).

It even took a couple of months later for the baby to get her breathing tube rejected. She was treated with intense care for more than 6 months and receives every milliliter of breast milk one by one through another tube.

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Baby Saybie
The story of baby Saybie is such a miracle comes true

A miracle in real life

After half a year, Saybie, the world’s smallest baby born alive, weighed 2.5kg and was healthy. She can also receive breastfeed on her own and breathe normally.

The story of baby Saybie is just amazing and incredible as the rate of surviving in the micro premiere is only 10%, especially when she was just in the 23rd week of gestation. It does not only prove how advanced medical technology is but also shows how miraculous it is for a tiny baby to fight for her own life.

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