The Human Dog Who Spends $2000 On A Suit To Live The Dog Life

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 25, 2021

The man who dreams to be a dog is also the author of a book titled: "How to train a human pup"

Kaz James, a 37-year-old man living in England, stated that he has never felt like being a human since his childhood. Therefore, he struggled for a while before deciding to unveil his true dog persona in the later years.

human dog
Jaz James, 37, has always dreamt of being a dog since being a child

A man who dreams to be a dog

Thanks to the “Pup play” community, a social group of people who have the same pup persona, Mr. James has the courage to unleash the inner dog inside himself and feel confident with his appearance as an orange, camo, and brow K9. He also feels free and happy to bark at people or carries objects with teeth.

"I didn't even feel like a human, I always felt like a dog that was really out of place," said Mr. Kaz James

Human Dog 2
His dog fursuit costs up to $2700

Apart from the time going to work, Mr. James is always seen in either his rubber god outfit or the customized dog fursuit attached with a huge dog lead. According to the man, the fursuit is bespoke and costs up to $2,700.

In fact, James’ friends are familiar with his bizarre persona, appearance, and behavior. Instead of saying hello to people, the human-dog will bite their collar or shirt with his teeth and lick them.

Human Dog 4
James loves wearing his suit everytime he is away form work

The pup play community

When he was 17, James heard about the special community from one of his friends who also has a pup persona. He was awed to know that he is not alone as there are also so many other people who feel like being a dog just like him. By joining the pup play community, James admitted that he stopped feeling weird about himself, started gaining confidence, and became more open to people.

After years of living with his pup persona, he published his first book called “How to train a human pup”. The man embraces the “be pup” mantra in every aspect of life. The man never sits on the chair when visiting his friend’s houses. However, he knows how to stick with equities when being in the public.

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