5-Year-Old Russian Boy Fell From 12th Floor, Landing On Thick Snow And Survived

Salena Harshini |Mar 25, 2021

This is the shocking moment a five-year-old boy plummets from a 12th-storey apartment window but survives because he lands in thick snow.

Those who fall from towers hardly have a chance to survive unless there are people or something on the ground to carry them. However, in some magical cases, people can still survive even with little to no injuries. And this Russian boy is an example.

Magically survived

Russian media cited the sources from the local Civil Protection Office, that the incident happened at about 11 p.m on March 22. The location was on Entuziastov Road, Ufa city, Bashkortostan Republic of the Russian Federation.

The video taken by a security camera of a nearby house shows the whole thing going on. The child fell rapidly and fairly forcefully from the 12th-floor window onto the snow-covered ground.

Russian Boy Survives A Fall
The Russian boy first laid still on the ground after the fall.

The fall made the boy, born in 2015, lie motionless immediately. The horrifying scene made anyone who saw it gaggingly think that the child could hardly survive. However, when no one had yet seen or come to help, the child got up and moved his body by himself. Then, he was able to lean against the wall.

Russian Boy Survives A Fall 1
He crawled up seconds later.

Fortunately, a man noticed the child and came to help the child. A few minutes later, a few more people brought blankets and coats to keep him warm. They also called an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

The boy was admitted to the Ufa No. 17 hospital in a quite serious condition. Luckily, after three surgeries, his health is now temporarily stable.

Russian Boy Survives A Fall 2
A person noticed and ran towards to help him.
Russian Boy Survives A Fall 4
More people came to give him a hat, blanket... to keep him warm.
Russian Boy Survives A Fall 3
They put him on a stretcher and took him to hospital.

A preliminary investigation reported that the boy was home alone when the incident happened. It is not clear where his parents were at that time of the night and let their child home alone. Currently, there is no comment yet as the police are still investigating to clarify the incident.

Other times when kids survived a terrifying fall

The above kid is not the only Russian boy that magically survived after falling from a high department tower. They may want to thank their ancestors for such unbelievable luck.

Recently, also in Russia, an 11-year-old boy fell from the 25th floor of the apartment building and still miraculously survived. He fell and hit a Gazelle car parking underneath. Although the head of the car was heavily distorted, the boy survived.

Toddler Fall From 12th Floor
Balconies must be secured to prevent situations like these.

Russian police are currently investigating the cause, but some local officials believe the boy deliberately jumped to end his life after writing his parents a letter.

Meanwhile, a Vietnamese man also made headlines around the world after climbing the roof and saved a 3-year-old girl from falling to the ground. They call him a hero while the girl now calls him her foster father.

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