Study Suggests Damaged Lungs Can Repair Themselves Post Covid-19 Recovery

Hanima Anand |Sep 09, 2020

The recent research result brings hope to many Covid-19 patients who have suffered lung damages during the illness. Read more details below.

One of the most serious threats of Covid-19 infection is the lung damage. Though coronavirus doesn’t cause immediate death, it attacks human organs especially lungs, leading to severe respiratory diseases then fatality. Even after a person recovers from Covid-19, doctors still find scars on their damaged lungs which limit the patient’s breathing capacity.

Covid 19 Patients In India
Most Covid-19 patients suffer from severe lung damages in the illness.

However, a recent study in Austria has brought good news to all coronavirus victims. The research was conducted on 82 severe cases after they have recovered from Covid-19 from April to June, 2020. Participants were evaluated for their cardio-pulmonary damage after 6, 12 then 24 weeks of discharge.

Each Covid-19 survivor went through the CT scans of their lungs 6 weeks after they recover. Then they were checked again after 12 weeks. The study indicated an amazing result of lung repair.

Covid 19 Patient Lungs
Illustration of damaged lungs in Covid-19 patients

To be specific, 88% of these Covid-19 survivors suffer from lung damage (can be seen as ground glass on CT scan films) but the figure reduced to 56% at the 12-week check-up. Their next time of scanning after 24 weeks promises to show even more positive results.

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Malaika Arora Covid 19
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If this study is reflecting the fact, Covid-19 patients stand a high chance of gaining their health status back to normal post recovery. Though their lungs might be severely damaged in the disease, the organs are totally able to repair themselves by degrees.

It should be noted that, a proper medical care helps to accelerate the healing process. Those who had pulmonary rehabilitation in treatment tend to recover faster than others of the same severity.

Worldwide scientists express their hope over the research implication when a different study in France used to show similar results. Not just lung repair, the patients also witness more muscle strength but less anxiety after some time of Covid-19 recovery.

Covid 19 In India
Many people are asymptomatic but still experience lung damage.

The result of this research is even more important when many asymptomatic patients suffer from lung damages as well. Some sources say up to 20-30% of asymptomatic cases who carried out CT scanned found patches in their lung as a result of coronavirus infection though no serious symptoms emerged.

Scientists also add that in some cases, these patches in the lung of Covid-19 patients sometimes disappear without residue but in other cases, they leave scars and limit human breathing capacity. Thus, the observation that lungs can fully repair themselves is very significant to the world at this time.

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