Man Lock Wife In Bathroom, Prime Minister Rejected Hand Shake & Other Stories Amid CoronaVirus Outbreak

Hanima Anand |Mar 03, 2020

The coronavirus is spreading to almost all continents in the world with uncontrollable speed. In fear of being infected from relatives or strangers, these people have taken serious actions which cause others to laugh hard. Check full stories below!

Man locked wife in bathroom after consulting the doctor

A man in Lithuania locked his wife in the bathroom when suspecting she was infected with coronavirus.

The reason is his wife just went out to meet a Chinese woman who came from Italy; the country with the highest number of positive cases in Europe. Fearing that his wife could be infected coronavirus from this woman, the husband had called a doctor for consultancy.

Lithuania Medical Staff
Lithuania has just confirmed one case of coronavirus infection.

After listening to prevention methods to stop virus spread, the Lithuania man decided to lock his wife in the bathroom.

The wife then called the authority for help and was rescued by Vilnius police yesterday. To clear the doubts of her husband, the woman was tested for coronavirus with negative result.

Man nearly got punched for coughing without wearing mask

The next story happens in Japan where thousands of people commute to work on electric trains.

The video showed a young man who coughed constantly while not wearing face mask. An elderly near there was irritated for the irresponsible action and scolded the man.

Japanese people are well known for high responsibility who always prioritize community benefits. The act of young man in the video has attracted a lot of criticism for either not wearing mask or disrespecting the elderly.

German Interior Minister refused to shake hand with Angela Merkel

Now let’s move to German where 150 cases have been confirmed infected with coronavirus.

Yesterday morning, in a summit in Berlin, the Prime Minister of Germany, Angela Merkel was seen to stretch her hand when seeing Interior Minister Horst Seehofer.

Angela Merkel Stretch Hand For Hand Shake
Angela Merkel stretching her hand to German interior minister.

However, the Bavarian minister rejected the offer amid the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

German Interior Minister Rejected Merkel Hand Shake
Horst Seehofer refused to shake hand for fear of coronavirus spread.

The PM quickly understood and withdrew her hand with friendly manners. Right after it’s posted, the video has gone viral on the Internet.

Angela Merkel Withdraw Her Hands
Angela Merkel reacted with friendly manner.

Watch the full video below!

Reports on 3rd March show over 90,000 people infected worldwide while over 3,000 people have died of the deadly virus. Other than China, Korea, Italy and Iran are leading sites with highest infection cases.

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