[Videos] Cars, Houses, And Humans Washed Away In The Worst Rain Of A Century In Hyderabad

Hanima Anand |Oct 15, 2020

The unprecedented flood washed away everything on its way, including pedestrians, vehicles and even buildings. Watch the terrifying videos here!

Yesterday, the western and southern India witnessed unprecedented heavy rain across the regions, causing 35 people to lose their lives while hundreds of trees and houses were uprooted. Hyderabad currently suffers the most severe damage from the extreme weather. 19 people have been reported dead due to the monsoon fury in the city.

Rain In Hyderabad 1
The harsh weather wreaked havoc on the city overnight.

Viral videos are being spread on the Internet, showing the massive attack of weather on people’s lives here. In the clips, vehicles look like toy cars which can be swept away easily on the road. A man who try to cross the street is also washed away in the furious water flow.

However, most deaths in Hyderabad were not because of drowning but due to walls and houses collapsed in the flood. The heavy downpour reportedly claimed three lives of a family in the Gaganpahad area. Their house was dragged down by the massive amount of water.

Rain In Hyderabad 2
Most streets are waterlogged.

Even when vehicles are still moving at snail’s pace in some places, a number of roads in Hyderabad are waterlogged and not safe for travelling. The authorities recommend people to take alternative routes or better stay at safe spots until the water retreats. Police force has been deployed to divert the vehicle movement on the outskirts.

Rain In Hyderabad 3
Authorities have shown up at certain spots to divert the movement.

The latest report from the meteorological department shows that this rainfall in Hyderabad yesterday surpassed its all previous records with 19.2 cm. The last time this city suffered such a heavy rain was in 2013 when an unprecedented 9.83 cm rainfall was recorded.

To assist affected areas, army and government bodies have launched relief and rescue for the city. Stranded people are being evacuated while medical aid and food supplies are being distributed throughout.

The deluge is predicted to continue in the next hours while some isolated places in the city even witness heavier rainfall which may exceed 20 cm per day. Many other areas across the western and southern part of the country will also experience downpour with different rainfalls. Please take care when you have a plan of going out during these days.

From Starbiz.com, we keep our fingers crossed for people in these affected places.

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