Landslide Sweeping Homes Into The Sea Show How Powerful Earth Movement Is

Hanima Anand |Jun 06, 2020

The remarkable video records the moment several houses and cliffs were dragged into the sea by a massive landslide in Norway, illustrating powerful earth movement.

Recently, the Internet is freaking out at the moment an 800-meter wide landslide sweeping homes and cliff into the sea on the Norwegian coast, recorded by drones.

Landslide In Norway 1
Eight buildings were drowned into the sea within minutes.

We have heard of earth movement many times during Geography lessons at school but it’s hard for people to imagine how powerful it is without recording. And the latest drone film is a great illustration of this remarkable natural phenomenon.

In less than 3 minutes, huge chunks of cliffs and 8 homes have been washed away offshore, being droned into the sea.

Luckily, no one was injured while a stranded resident was rescued successfully by helicopter.

Landslide In Norway 2
This is what was left after the massive landslide.

A local reported:

“I had just made two slices of toast when I heard a bang in the cabin.

At first I thought there was someone in the loft, but then I saw out of the window that the power cord was smoking and then I saw that it was raining. I stormed out and fled up the mountainside where I saw it all from a distance. You could say I ran for my life.”

This man and some other people climbed to high grounds and watched the freaking moment from above. He couldn’t believe his 19-year-old home being swept into the sea.

Landslide In Norway 3
Huge cliffs were dragged down, carrying houses with them.

In fact, they saw signal cracks a day before the incident but they didn’t think the whole area would be dragged down to the sea.

The authority hasn’t informed the reason for the incident yet it might be the huge amount of clay in the region that makes it prone to landslides.

Landslide In Norway 4
All left behind are just debris.

By science definition, landslides are movements of a mass of rock, debris, or earth down a slope. It is a result of gravity, rainfall, snowmelt, erosion, earthquake, volcanic activity or human activities. Landslides can take place both on land or underwater. Underwater or submarine landslides can lead to tsunamis sometimes.

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