Parents' Love For Siblings: The Older Sibling Is More Loved Than The Younger One?

Ankita Chetana |Feb 21, 2020

According to science, parents' love for siblings is not equal as we often think. Most parents pay their love on the older more than the younger sibling. Read on the details inside!

People who have siblings often ask about how much their parents love is for each of them. We believe that it is equal but science has pointed out that parents' love for siblings is different. For many of us, we often think that we are the adopted children and parents often stand by our siblings’ side. On the other hand, parents disagree with it and confirm that they don’t separate from us to our siblings. But what is the fact?

Parents Discrimination To Children
A mother focuses on instructing her elder child and ignores the younger one

We love to hypnotize ourselves and parents do, too. They think that their love for children is equal but actually, it’s commonly not. Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of California, Katherine Conger made a study on 268 parents. The result shows that 74 percent of fathers and 70 percent of mothers confessed that they have a favorite child.

Parents Love For children
Parents often think their love for children is equal

And you know? The survey also indicated that the mothers prefer their oldest child amongst all. The reason leads to the difference in parents' love for siblings is that the oldest one is their firstborn child that makes them connect together better.

But due to this reason, the younger siblings often get hurt and unconfident to open up. Discriminated treatment from several parents turns their children a long distance without any connection. Following the study, unequal parents' love for siblings also leads to the low self-esteem of the younger child. And what hurts them more is that their parents are unaware of it.

Children Depression
Younger siblings are easy to get depressed as their parents prefer their older siblings

Parents' love for siblings differs from the elder child to the younger one. Nonetheless, dear parents, please change your mind as soon as possible so that your equally precious children can develop impeccably in mindset and emotion.


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