You Think These Animals Are Mutant? They Are Not, They Are Just Born That Way!

Salena Harshini |Jan 18, 2021

You may first think these 15 creatures are mutant animals. However, some are just born that way while some look like that in a certain period of their kind.

Nature is full of surprising things. The more we get to know about it, the more we can see that there are a plethora of creatures we have not learned of. And while we have a lot of stereotypes about animals of many species, here are some that look like mutant animals but it is actually something normal we can see in them.

1. Horses with a mustache

Horses may have the top longest legs and fastest speed among all animals. However, you may have not witnessed this gentleman with a French-style mustache.

Horses With A Mustache
This horse has a blonde mustache
Horses With A Mustache 1
We have not seen this may be because other horses have shaved more regularly

It can also shape in other types of mustache, like this Dumbledore style.

2. Cats with naturally curly hair

These are short-haired cats. But who knows their fur could be this curly. It looks like it was brought to a salon for a makeover.

Cats With Naturally Curly Hair
Its fur is absolutely fabulous

3. Rabbits that look like dogs

For the unversed, an angora rabbit is famous for its long hair. But before this picture, hardly anyone may know the length could be this intense. They look like little bears or dogs and their weight may vary from 3.0–4.5 kg.

Rabbits That Look Like Dogs
They can grow that big after a period of time

4. Deers with vampire fangs

This case totally looks like mutant animals. Deers are the most facile species in the wilderness but these teeth may scare others a little bit.

Deers With Vampire Fangs
It may have appeared somewhere in "Twilight", pay attention!

They are used as weapons during fights with predators or other bucks. They are called vampire deer.

5. Snails with eye-popping colors

Most populations of snails are mostly polymorphic for shell colors with mystifying colors from light brown to dark. Sometimes, we can come across the most exotic snails ever, namely these ones with rainbow or purple shades.

The colors on these snails make them look like mutant animals

6. Goats on the tree

They look like the mutant animals that can join Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters in X-Men. However, it is completely normal for goats.

Goats On The Tree
A human may have to ask them about this perching skill

We do not know how they can climb that far. But it seems that the nuts are what keep them going.

Goats On The Tree 2
The "spider-goat" looking happy while surrounded by its favorite nuts

7. Lizards with rainbow skin color

Their skin may vary in a lot of different colors. Some have the most fascinating and this lizard is an example. It looks like it bears all hues of the spectrum on its body.

Lizards With Rainbow Skin Color
It carries a whole color board on its back

8. Zebras in pastel tones

We think about zebras as short white horses with black stripes. However, sometimes their shades can be more dehazing than that.

We will have more insights into the theories of how animals get stripes. As per one of the existent theories, it is a way to control body temperature and confuse the predators.

Zebras In Pastel Tones
This zebra may be an albino one

The last study also suggested that the stripes is a type of protection from insects. In fact, it is harder for files to land on a zebra. The reason is they cannot find a position to land.

9. Horses with Pantene hair

Horses can be the most stylish animal in town at this rate. Apart from growing a mustache, a horse may also have this silky and smooth coarse hair.

This is the hair that many dream of in real life. In addition, this horse should be featured in a shampoo commercial.

Horses With Pantene Hair
"Flirting with the locals" with its blond hair

10. Hedgehogs that are bald

That’s right, a hedgehog can be bald, too. Most of these animals have spines on their back and some may grow them as long as those of a porcupine.

Hedgehogs That Are Bald
Bald hedgehog is another name for haggis

Meanwhile, they could be born with no spines at all. Just because hedgehogs have little to no spines does not mean they are mutant animals.

11. Monkey with a beard

Another gentleman or gentlewoman of the wild, we must say. Monkeys can have a red bottom or a big nose. However, we guess some of you have not seen one with a whole beard.

Monkey With A Beard
Monkey can actually grow a beard

As a matter of fact, a beard does not make them mutant animals, at all.

12. Kangaroos with a lot of muscles

In children’s books, they may look very cute with a pocket in front of the belly. However, kangaroos actually look quite buffy like a gym-er.

Kangaroos With A Lot Of Muscles
The kangaroo looks like it has hit the gym a lot

Some who do not know may find it quite disturbing to see a kangaroo that is built like a grown man. In fact, kangaroos even got in a fight with a human and the video has been viral until now.

13. Peacocks that are styled like Lady Gaga

We know that peacocks are among the most marvelous and stunning creatures ever existed. Their majestic tail is also an example of sexual selection if you have not known. Male peacocks whose ornate trains are the largest mat attract more female peafowls.

Peacocks That Are Styled Like Lady Gaga
What a fascinating view!

Looking at this fellow right here, it is safe to say that it is the definition of attractiveness with a massive, separated-colored tail.

14. Sheep that look like they are painted

This is yet another couple of animals that can make our jaw drop with their feature. DNA must have something to do with them as they look like someone painted black ink on their eyes.

Sheep That Look Like They Are Painted
They are not mutant animals, they are just built a bit differently

Also, their ears and noses are also adorned with black colors.

15. Birds with the most stylish kicks

Booby birds may stand out everywhere they go with their bright blue color.

Birds With The Most Stylish Kicks
These are not mutant animals, they are just born that way

Moreover, sometimes people also spot purple or red-footed boobies and they look fascinating.

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