Mr. President, Don't Go Hide! China Mocks Donald Trump On George Floyd Protests

Bhavna Acharya |Jun 01, 2020

Apart from the coronavirus outbreak, the so call George Floyd protest started last week took the toll of the largest economy of the world.

Apart from coronavirus, the massive George Floyd protest spreading all over the country is another serious problem the US has to face over the past week. The country which has the highest number of coronavirus cases is yet to be at its worst before the outbreak happened last weekend.

While Donal Trump and the US government are struggling to settle down the arousing crowds, the UN and other countries especially China are accusing the State of double standards. In fact, Chinese public figures even mock the US government who earlier criticized China for cracking down on HongKong protests last year. 

George Floyd Protest In The Us
George Floyd protest broke out in the US after a black man was killed by a white police

In response to the unrest which is all the rage in the US over the past week, the spokesman of China foreign ministry Hua Chunying took to her Twitter handle a screenshot photo of her US counterpart Morgan Ortagus who pointed her finger at China government for ‘flagrantly broken its promises to the people of Hong Kong’. Hua Chunying mocks the post with a short caption ‘I can’t breathe.’

Meanwhile, the editor-in-chief of the Chinese newspaper Global Times said that US politicians and spokesman Nancy Pelosi who called Hong Kong protest ‘a beautiful sight to behold’ can now ‘enjoy this sight’ from their own windows.’

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George Floyd Protest In Us
The case started public outcry and mass protests across the nation

In fact, China has been always mocking the US which is dealing with the existing discrimination and human rights issues yet criticizing the East Asia nation on Hong Kong protest. In addition to that, Beijing keeps blaming ‘foreign forces’ especially the US for provoking and misleading Hong Kong people which resulted in mass protests in its territory over the last decade. 

“Mr President, don’t go hide behind the secret service. Go to talk to the demonstrators seriously. Negotiate with them, just like you urged Beijing to talk to Hong Kong rioters,' Mr Hu said in another tweet.

When putting the protest in Hong Kong and the US in comparison, Hu pointed out that both of them are against the law and destructive but the ones in Hong Kong were called 'justified' while George Floyd protest in the States is considered unjust.

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Hong Kong Protest
China spokesman and journalists compare the US protest with the one happened in Hong Kong earlier

Meanwhile, in the US, apart from the coronavirus outbreak, the so call George Floyd protest started last week took the toll of the largest economy of the world. The riot broke out after a black man named George Floyd was killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis. The case has created a huge wave of protest among US people who are against racism and discrimination in the nation. The protest was started first in Minneapolis and spread over other states.

Not only the US and other countries blame the US government for the protest but also American people and public figure also cause Donald Trump for his failse of putting out the fire. Also read: Taylor Swift Attracts Most 'Likes' To Her Tweet Over Donald Trump's Statement Against Minnesota Protestors

See how destructive the George Floyd protest in the US is:


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